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Overtime & Allowances

How to submit overtime claims and allowances on Business World, who approves them, things to remember when submitting your claim.

Overtime & Allowances graphic


Within Business World you can submit overtime & allowance claims via self-service which will electronically workflow for approval.

Please note that minutes should be claimed in decimal format.

When submitting an overtime/allowance claim in Business World please remember to:

  • Ensure a claim is not submitted with 0 hours/balance. (A message will display when you try to submit a clam with 0 hours/balance as a reminder)
  • Ensure the claim is no more than 90 days old. (claims over 90 days old will require a second level of approval from your line manager's line manager)
  • Update the correct cost centre if required.
  • Check you have selected the correct position for the claim if you hold more than one position.

For further guidance on how to submit overtime/allowance claims within Business world click on the user guides located in the related documents section of this page.