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Approve or decline tasks on Business World

Who can approve or decline a task, tips for approving or declining tasks, rejections of tasks.

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Who can approve or decline a task

As a Line Manager in Business World any claims submitted by your employees will automatically workflow to your line manager based on either the Position Hierarchy or the Financial Modeller. The transaction type determines which route of workflow is used:

  • Financial Modeller -  This was built in collaboration with the Finance Business Partners and reflects financial approval levels within the organisation. The Financial Modeller is used to route financial transactions for approval, such as sales invoices and purchase requisitions etc.
  • Position Hierarchy -This was built in collaboration with HR and reflects the levels of Line Management within the organisation. This is used to route to route HR transactions such as expense claims, annual leave requests etc.

As the majority of HR transactions such as overtime & expense claims workflow based on the Position Hierarchy there will be instances where a Line Manager receives claims from their direct reports for alternative cost centres. In these instances, it remains the responsibility, based on the agreed Position Hierarchy, of the line manager to approve/reject these claims.

It is important to regularly check for new items in your task list. If you do not action a task sitting with you within 3 days, you will get an email reminder. If no action is taken by the 14th day, then the task will escalate to either your line manager based on position hierarchy or the modeller approver at the next tier depending on the type of task.

Tips for approving or declining tasks

  • Ensure that you are checking if there is more than one page on your tasks when approving or declining. The task will not move on from the line manager unless all rows of a claim have had an action taken.
  • Ensure that all rows of the task have been reviewed.
  • Ensure that there are no 0 hours/balance claims. These should be rejected back to the employee for hours/balance to be added or for the claim to be deleted.
  • A report is now available for Line Managers in Business World to show claims submitted by your employees which have been approved or rejected.

Rejected tasks

If one or more lines of a single claim is rejected by the line manager, then the full claim will go back to the employee for action.

Example - If an employee submits an overtime claim that has 4 lines and the line manager accepts 3 lines and rejects 1 then the full claim will go back to the employee for action. No lines of this claim will go for payment until the rejected line is either deleted or corrected by the employee.

Please note if the rejected line is then deleted by the employee then the claim will automatically go for payment once the employee hits submit for approval. If, however the employee makes a change to correct the rejected line then the full claim will workflow back to their line manager for approval again before it will go for payment. A user guide is available to illustrate this process.