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Activate your substitute on Business World

How to set up your substitute on Business World if you have planned leave or if you are off work sick.

If you have planned leave

Within Business World you can set up a substitute during periods of planned absence, such as annual leave, flexi leave or special leave.

Once a substitute is actioned this will enable the substitute to view and action your task list in addition to their own. The substitute available to you will be your line manager based on the current position hierarchy for your service.

The escalation period in Business World is 14 calendar days, so it is essential that employees set up their substitutes throughout periods of planned leave to ensure that any tasks which may workflow to you throughout the period of your absence can still be reviewed and actioned.

If you have unplanned leave

In scenarios where a line manager is off on unplanned absence, such as sickness, their line manager can contact the Business World support team to activate their substitute.

See the step by step guide on  how to activate your substitute on Business World [258KB] .