Renfrewshire Council

Update your personal information on Business World (ERP)

How to update your personal information within the ERP system Business World

On Business World you can update your:

  • home address
  • personal phone number
  • personal email address
  • next of kin and emergency contact information
  • bank details
  • equality and diversity information

Your contact information

You can find your contact information in the contact information tab of the personnel information window.

Contact Tab
The contact information tab on Business World

The contact information tab contains two lines for address information, a general address and a home address, and a section to enter next of kin and emergency contact details.

Viewing Your Personnel Information [294KB] .

Your home address

Your home address contains your personal address and contact information. You can update all fields in this row yourself.

update your personal address and contact information [281KB]

Updating other information