Renfrewshire Council

Scottish Youth Parliament

The Scottish Youth Parliament is the democratically elected voice of Scotland's young people.

It is a politically independent parliament, designed by young people, led by young people, for the benefit of young people.

The MSYP's are elected by their peer group and serve a two year term.

MSYP's attend three sittings of the Scottish Youth Parliament in each year, and can also sit as members or conveners of committee groups.

2021-23 SYP representatives

In Renfrewshire we have five elected representatives serving as MSYPs - two each from Paisley and Renfrewshire North and West, and one from Renfrewshire South.

Alex McCracken MSYP for Paisley Alex McCracken (Paisley)









Theresa Mooney MSYP for Paisley Teri Mooney (Paisley)









Stewart Rooney MSYP for Renfrewshire North and West Stewart Rooney (Renfrewshire North and West)









Omar Taher MSYP for Renfrewshire North and West Omar Taher (Renfrewshire North and West)









Gavin Stewart MSYP for Renfrewshire South Gavin Stewart (Renfrewshire South)