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Our values

We want to transform the way we work and how we engage with each other and with our communities. You are at the heart of this change and we need your help to shape our future organisation and define the values that support this.

As an employee, we'd love to hear about the values that are important to you in your working lives. Specifically, the values that support a positive working environment and create the best possible conditions for you to do your job. 

Get involved

You're invited to book your place at one of the exciting new interactive 'Our values' workshops. Designed to spark lively discussion in an informal setting, they are a fresh approach to looking at what matters to you, what it's like to work here, our culture and identity, and the kind of organisation you would like us to beThe workshops will run between 29 April - 22 May 2019.

To book your place, simply click on your service area and select your preferred date and time. We'll confirm your booking by email

The workshop is an opportunity to:

  • engage with your colleagues from across the council
  • talk about the here and now, the future, the good stuff, and the challenges
  • voice what's important to you, particularly in terms of being able to do your job well, to achieve your potential and the kind of organisation you want to work for
  • be part of the conversation that helps shape our future relationships with each other, with our local communities and partners


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