Renfrewshire Council

Additional support for learning

The phrase 'additional support needs' is used to underline that any pupil can have additional needs at any time.

Additional support needs can stem from a number of factors:

  • A disability or health issue such as autism, hearing or visual impairment
  • Family circumstances such as bereavement or homelessness
  • The learning environment, for example, having English as a second language
  • Social or emotional issues such as being bullied or being a bully.


Most children with significant additional support needs will be supported through a Pupil Support Plan (PSP).

A small number of pupils with very significant additional support needs will have a Co-ordinated Support Plan (CSP) which will say how agencies will work together to support a pupil.

The CSP and PSP will both say what support will be given to a pupil and what educational outcomes can be expected.

Our policy paper outlines Renfrewshire Council's arrangements for implementing the new Act.

We have also produced informative booklets for parents, carers and young people which outline policy and practice.

Enquire offers independent, confidential advice and information on additional support for learning. You can call their helpline on 0845 123 2303 or email