Renfrewshire Council

Discretionary housing payments

If you need help to pay your housing costs, you may qualify for help from a council fund called Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP).

These payments are not a type of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit Housing Cost. They are extra payments made to help with housing costs like some or all of a rent shortfall over a few weeks or a new tenancy rent deposit.

The DHP budget is limited each year and the payments can only be a short term solution to financial difficulties. If you need to find a longer term solution, we would recommend you seek support from Advice Works - details in the Related Articles section opposite.

How do I qualify

Every case is different and depends on your individual circumstances. To qualify you must be:

  • entitled to Housing Benefit or Universal Credit Housing Costs

  • able to show us you need help meeting your housing costs

How to apply

Click on the  'Apply for a discretionary housing payment (DHP)' button above.

Further information

For more details please download the 'Policy on discretionary housing payments' document in the Related Documents section opposite.