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Register a death

In Scotland, a death should be registered within 8 days.

Who can register a death?
Normally, it is the duty of a relative to register a death. If no relative is available, the death may be registered by:

  • any person present at the death
  • the executor or legal representative of the person who died
  • the person living in the premises where the death took place, or
  • any other person who knows about the death.

What do I need to register a death?
You will need:

  • the full name, occupation, address, date and country of birth of the person who has died
  • the full name, surname, previous married surnames, or surnames taken in civil partnership, and occupation of any spouse(s)/civil partner(s).
  • the date of birth of any husband, wife or civil partner who is still alive
  • the full name and occupation of the parents of the person who has died including the mother's maiden surname, and
  • the name and address of the GP of the person who has died.
  • a medical certificate (Form 11) from the doctor
  • an NHS medical card (if available)
  • a birth certificate of the person who has died and
  • a marriage or civil partnership certificate, if this applies.

How to order a birth, marriage or civil partnership certificate.

Where can I register a death?
A death that occurred in Scotland can be registered at any registration office in Scotland. 

There are 3 registration offices in Renfrewshire. Please phone 0300 300 0310 to arrange an appointment to register a death.

What documents will I receive?
You will receive:

  • a certificate of registration of death (Form 14) issued free of charge for the Funeral Director
  • a certificate for the Department of Work and Pensions (Form BD8) issued free of charge
  • an abbreviated death certificate issued free of charge, and
  • a full death certificate if required (a fee of £10.00 is payable for each certificate).

After registration
After the registration of a death, the registrar notifies (for people aged 18 year, or over) the relevant council tax/electoral registration authority in the area that the deceased resided.

In Renfrewshire, if the deceased was a sole council tenant, termination of tenancy can be arranged through the Customer Service Centre or Housing and Property Services.

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