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What you can use the Green Spaces, Parks and Play Areas and Villages Investment Fund for

What you could use the fund for, examples of funded projects how to find out more about the fund.

Local community groups and volunteers can apply for funding and support to improve underused or neglected green spaces and take forward projects which will strengthen the character, identity and heritage of their local community.

The fund will provide investment where the community can demonstrate a sustainable plan to improve and maintain the condition and use of a green space or community asset that they have a vision for.

Examples of projects which could gain support would be:

  • Upgrading or developing play areas or equipment to promote access for the community and create stimulating and enjoyable environments for all ages and abilities.
  • Visual and physical improvements in parks and open spaces that improve the experience of visitors and residents or enhance features and points of interest
  • Opening up areas of woodland or other open space for sustainable community access and use.
  • Use of previously underused open spaces to improve the environment and provide increased leisure, art or design features or recreational opportunities
  • Development of growing grounds or allotments

We are particularly seeking project ideas that can do some or all of the following in :

  • Regenerate and make physical and environmental improvements to green spaces, parks and play areas and villages across Renfrewshire
  • Promote sustainable community use of green spaces, parks and play areas and villages
  • Increase levels of external funding being attracted into Renfrewshire to develop and use green spaces, parks and play areas and villages
  • Support communities to manage or deliver services in green spaces, parks and play areas and villages in Renfrewshire
  • Strengthen community capacity in Renfrewshire increasing regular participation in community events / activities.
  • Encourage the development

Expressions of interest

Groups that are considering making an application can express an interest and receive additional guidance and support from the Communities & Public Protection Service, who can also help guide groups to access specialist advice on how to establish an appropriately constituted community group and how to access additional external funding.

Specific practical support is also available to help groups to begin to develop and implement plans - accessing tools, equipment, services and facilities that are needed to add momentum and impetus to their vision and give confidence that change can be delivered.

For relevant projects support can also be applied for to procure and pay for professional independent support to carry out essential surveys that can provide information on asset condition and corresponding development opportunities that could guide the work of community groups and lend weight and support to applications being made to external third party funding organisations.

Contact: Communities & Public Protection
Telephone: 0141 618 7562

Contact: Engage Renfrewshire's Community and Voluntary Action Team
Telephone: 0141 887 7707