Renfrewshire Council

Register of Senior Officers' Interests

The chief executive, directors, heads of service, and some key senior officers, complete a register of interests which is updated regularly and at least every year.

The purpose of the register of senior officers' interests is to help identify potential conflicts of interest when officers are making decisions. This register is available for inspection by auditors and senior managers and we also make it available to the public.

You can download the register for each of our senior officers from the Related Documents section. 

What information is provided?

We provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Position held in the Council
  • Particulars of any other paid employment held outwith the Council
  • Name and address of any business and the nature of the interest therein
  • Details of any directorship, consultancy or financial interest not listed elsewhere in the register
  • Details of any non-financial interest in any organisation such as a professional body, trade association, club etc in which the officer is a member or an office holder
  • Details of any shareholding or other financial interest in any company where the total nominal value of any securities exceeds £25,000 or 1% of the total nominal value of the issued share capital, whichever is less
  • Description and location of any property owned, leased or mortgaged within Renfrewshire (home addresses not disclosed)

List of senior officers completing a register of interests

  • Alan Russell - Director of Finance and Resources
  • Alasdair Morrison - Head of Economy and Development
  • Alastair MacArthur - Head of Finance
  • Andrea McMahon - Chief Auditor
  • Barbara Walker - Programme Director, City Deal and Infrastructure
  • Bridget Lambert - Strategic Commercial and Procurement Manager
  • Diane M Gillies - Head of Facilities Management
  • Fraser Carlin - Head of Housing
  • Gavin Hutton - Head of Operations and Infrastructure
  • Gordon McKinlay - Head of Schools
  • Gordon McNeil - Director of Environment and Infrastructure
  • Joe Lynch - Head of Property Services
  • John Trainer - Head of Childcare and Criminal Justice
  • Julie Calder - Head of Children's Services
  • Ken Graham - Head of Corporate Governance
  • Laura McIntyre - Head of Policy and Commissioning
  • Louisa Mahon - Head of Marketing and Communications
  • Mary Crearie - Director of Communities, Housing and Planning
  • Oliver Reid - Head of Communities and Public Protection
  • Patrick Murray - Head of Information and Communications Technology
  • Rhona McGrath - Head of Customer and Business Services
  • Sandra Black - Chief Executive
  • Steven Quinn - Director of Children's Services