Renfrewshire Council

Adult Learning and Literacies Service

Adult Learning & Literacies Service (ALLS) is Renfrewshire Council's adult and family learning team.

As part of Communities, Housing and Planning Services, the Community Learning Officers, Community Work Assistants and trained volunteers deliver accredited and non-accredited learning opportunities to families and adults aged 16 years and over throughout Renfrewshire.

The learning and teaching is learner-centred, lifelong — accessible at all stages of a person's life, and lifewide, thereby encompassing personal, family and work aspects of living.

Some of the barriers adults may experience in returning to learning are removed through free learning and access to a free crèche, provided by ALLS and supported by qualified and experienced childcare workers.

ALLS promotes adult and family learning in community based settings and delivers the learning programmes from core Learning Centres within the local community, partner venues and schools.

You can download a copy of the latest Adult Learning Opportunities in Renfrewshire brochure and access information on the learning centres in Renfrewshire from the Related Documents section.

We also offer a free crèche service to learners participating in community-based adult learning classes and groups. This service is supported by qualified and experienced childcare workers who are registered practitioners with SSSC, and inspected by the Care Inspectorate.