Renfrewshire Council

Council tax discount for an unoccupied property

What council tax discount you can get if your property is unoccupied or unfurnished, how to apply for the council tax discount.

The people who live in a property are usually responsible for paying council tax. If the property is empty, the owner or tenant must pay the council tax even though they don't live there.

Unoccupied and unfurnished properties

You do not have to pay council tax on unoccupied and unfurnished properties for the first six months. After this six month exemption period you will be entitled to 10% discount on your Council Tax for six months. A 100% additional council tax levy (200% charge) will then be payable for as long as the property remains empty.

You may be able to extend the 10% council tax discount phase by up to a further 12 months if you can provide evidence that your property is being actively marketed for sale or let. Awards of exemption and discounts are not automatic, you have to apply for them.

If you have a property where you already get an unoccupied and unfurnished exemption or discount at 15 July 2016, you may be immediately affected by this change. In addition, the unoccupied and unfurnished period is considered continuous regardless of any changes in tenancy or ownership.

With the exception of the initial six month exemption period you will have to pay full water and sewerage charges.

How to apply

You can apply online for a council tax discount. You'll need an email address to register and apply online.