Renfrewshire Council

Request street naming and numbering for new developments

How to get house numbers for new properties and new street names, and how much it costs.

Street naming and property numbering for new developments

Developers need to make an application to have new street names or property numbers allocated when work starts on site.
You'll need to provide:

  • approved planning and building warrant permissions
  • plans showing the layout of the development.

The plans that you upload should:

  • be in electronic format, preferably PDF files
  • clearly identify all new streets and properties being created
  • be for each floor with new properties, so that for flats or sub-divided properties you can get a separate address for each unit.

You can also include suggestions for street names.

Costs for new street names and property numbers

It costs £190 for each new street name.

Number of new properties being builtCost
2 to 5£150
6 to 10£200
11 to 25£280
26 to 50£450
51 to 100£750
101 to 150£1060
151 to 200£1100


Apply for new street names and property numbers

Complete the street naming and numbering for new developments form.

After you've submitted your request, we'll contact you with details of how to make a payment and what we'll do next.  

Once all new addresses have been allocated and approved, we'll send details to people and organisations who need to keep up-to-date records, such as the emergency services, public utility companies and Royal Mail.

We aim to acknowledge an application or request within 5 working days. Completion of the service will vary depending on the type of query or request, but in all circumstances we'll try to resolve it as soon as possible.

Renaming and renumbering procedure

All street names and property numbers will follow the guidance and procedure in the Street Naming and Numbering Protocol [1MB] .