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Council tax bands

The tax valuation bands for properties in Renfrewshire, property values, number of properties in Renfrewshire, queries about your valuation band.

All homes in Renfrewshire fall into one of eight council tax valuation bands from Band A through to Band H.

The Assessor has banded each property based on its market value as at 1 April 1991. 

Any properties that have been built after this date, have been assessed and placed within a valuation band based on what value they would reasonably have expected at that time.

Council Tax bands for Renfrewshire
Valuation bandProperty value (1991 prices)Number of properties in Renfrewshire at 1 March 2024 
Aup to £27,00013,463
B£27,001 to £35,00025,888
C£35,001 to £45,00015,183
D£45,001 to £58,00013,235
E£58,001 to £80,00011,594
F£80,001 to £106,0006,987
G£106,001 to £212,0004,212
H£212,001 and over208

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Queries about your tax band

You can check what band your property is in on the Scottish Assessor's website.

If you have a query about your council tax band, you'll need to contact the Assessor at or call 0300 300 0150.