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Development briefs

What development briefs are, available development briefs, how to get involved, and contact information

What development briefs are

We are preparing development briefs to engage with potential developers and support the delivery of development sites identified in the Renfrewshire Local Development Plan 2021.

Development briefs identify a variety of important factors for consideration when preparing a development proposal for a site, including:

  • site context
  • site layout and building design
  • landscaping and boundary treatments
  • accessibility
  • sustainable urban drainage
  • renewables and sustainability
  • digital connections
  • affordable housing
  • education provision
  • open space provision
  • other required supporting information.

You can view available development briefs in this page's 'Related documents' section.

Get involved

Want to stay informed on the Local Development plan? Let us know by sending your full contact details to the email address below.