Renfrewshire Council

Green Spaces, parks, play areas and villages projects we are funding or have completed

These are projects in Renfrewshire that we are funding or have completed through the Green Spaces, Parks and Play Areas and Villages Investment Fund.

Bishopton Community Development Trust

Purchase of Rossland Crescent Open Space

Funding: £14,000

The land facing residents has long been privately owned. Residents living there have been awarded funding to transform the space into a community seating area with plants and shrubs for residents and the wider community to enjoy.

Project status: under development

Bonnie Bishopton

Bonnie Bishopton

Funding: £4,000

Bonnie Bishopton plan to brighten up the main thoroughfare through their village using bright flowers in planters.  The group will purchase planters, mobile watering solutions, soil and all the required tools to deliver the work.

Project status: under development

Bridge of Weir Community Council

Equipment upgrade to Lintwhite and Horsewood Parks

Funding: £12,000

Bridge of Weir Community Council upgraded 2 local parks with new play pieces specified by their community through consultation.

Project status: completed

Charleston Tenants and Residents Association

Neilston Road High Flats - Community Garden 

Funding: £10,000           

Neilston Road has 3 well populated flats with a high volume of older adults residing within.  The community garden has been installed in the centre and is easily accessible.  The garden allows the residents to appreciate the space more, have somewhere pleasant to sit and socialise with their neighbours. The tenants are also maintaining the flower beds and planters.

Project status: completed

Corseford Tenants and Residents Association

Corseford Underpass Project

Funding: £4,999

After a successful community project painting a mural on Corseford's underpass to make it safer and more appealing, the group were awarded funding to improve the appearance of the entry and exits to the new offering.

Project status: completed

Corseford Planting Project

Funding: £1,800

Presenting planters and maintaining flower beds has become a regular volunteering activity for local people in Corseford, to make their community more attractive.  The group were successful in an award for a container and tools which are essential to support this work.

Project status: under development

Craigielea Park Residents Association

Craigielea Road waste ground clearance

Funding: £5,000

The Craigielea Road residents in Renfrew have been unaware for almost 20 years, the waste land close to their home was theirs.  After learning this the group applied to the Fund to clear the area of overgrown and fallen trees and vegetation.  Now it has been cleared, the group will find it easier to deliver ongoing maintenance.

Project status: under development

Erskine Community Council

Refurbishment of Viewing Area at Newshot Nature Reserve      

Funding: £5,000

The viewing platform within the Newshot Island Nature Reserve was restored and new signage installed to encourage increased footfall to the area.  Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery and range of wildlife the Reserve attracts.

Project status: completed

Erskine Community Garden

Erskine Community Garden Phase 2

Funding: £4,800

Erskine's Community Garden has established itself as a community hub within the area.  This funding has allowed the group to install a labyrinth there along with new raised beds and a sensory garden.  The group encourage children and young people to visit and learn about gardening and community.

Project status: completed

Erskine Outdoor Play and Leisure

Barwood Park Improvements

(additional funding from Renfrewshire Council & the Scottish Government)             

Funding: £50,000

Erskine Outdoor Play and Leisure will deliver a play park that appeal to both toddlers and older children alike.  The You and Me swing will facilitate younger children to be on a swing with their parent/guardian, 2 multi-use towers will be installed, each offering exciting play opportunities for toddler and junior users.

Project status: under development

Erskine Youth Council

Bargarran Interactive Play Park              

Funding: £110k plus £50 plus £3k

Funding: £110,000 was awarded from Green Spaces to Erskine due to their Multi-use Games Arena being removed.  EYC consulted with young local people and installed equipment identified, offering an innovative interactive new play offering, the first of its kind in Scotland.      

Project status: completed

Elderslie Community Council

Upgrading Queens Road Play Park

Funding: £50,000

Elderslie Community Council have been actively participating in the Fund and exploring how it can benefit their community.

Project status: completed

Phase 2 - Teen Shelter and Outdoor Gym

Funding: £30,000

A new play park has been installed and plants to create an outdoor gym and Teen shelter are imminent.

Project status: under development

Dunvegan Play Equipment

Funding: £10,000

The award of the Play Park increased Elderslie's appetite to explore what other benefits the fund could deliver in their community. Dunvegan Play Park has benefitted from upgraded play equipment, the biodiversity members have benefited as well as hoping to exercise in the neighbouring gym suite. 

Project status: completed

Stoddard Square Seating area

Funding: £1,145

Project status: under development

Green Elderslie

Funding: £800

Project status: under development

Village Signs

Funding: £1,600

Project status: under development

Goal posts

Funding: £235

Project status: under development

Dog fouling bag dispensers

Funding: £1,170

Project status: completed

Railway mural

Funding: £1,140

Project status: under development 

Darkwood Crew

Village Green Community Garden

Funding: £4,820

The Darkwood Crew support their community in many ways with community and environmental issued at the heart of their project delivery. The Village Green project is constantly evolving and will deliver an offering in Ferguslie which will increase biodiversity and encourage the community to get involved.

Project status: under development        

Friends of Ferguslie Gardens

Upgrade to Ferguslie Park Gardens including outdoor gym and new play equipment

Funding: £49,000

Ferguslie Park Gardens will benefit from an outdoor gym, 2 inclusive additions, a basket swing, and a new style roundabout, and a larger multi play tower.

Project status:  scheduled for summer 2022

Stronger Communities Glenburn

Renewing Skye Crescent Park

Funding: £50,000           

Together with Save the Children, RC supported and funded this project to replace the play park at Skye Crescent.  A new play park was installed with 2 multi-use play towers, an inclusive orbit round-a-about and a swing rotator.

Project status: completed

Houston Community Council

Ardgryffe Park Outdoor Inclusive Gym

Funding: £35,000

Houston Community Council will arrange for the install of an outdoor inclusive gym in Spring/Summer 2020, to be used by all ages and abilities.

Project status: under development

Bee Happy

Funding: £4,050

Bee Happy are already well known throughout Houston for their work to improve the appearance of the village.  This fund will enable to group to continue with this work and further fund their community meadow.

Project status: under development

Houston Play Park Improvement Group

Houston Play Park Improvements (South Street Park)

Funding: £50,000 (GS)

Funding: £80,000 (VIF)

The play park at South Street mound is dated and offers little play value for local children.  HPPIG intend to replace the play equipment, install an outdoor gym, and raised flower beds to improve the appearance of the entire area, as well as the value of the park to local people.

Project status: under development

Howwood Community Council (previously Friends of Howwood Park)  

Play Park

Funding: £50k

Tools & events

Funding: £2,110

Community shelter

Funding: £21,000

Village seating

Funding: £2,100

New football goals, cableway, skateboard ramps and play equipment all installed to increase footfall into the park (HCC).  A new Friends of Howwood Park group was created who have secured further funds for planters, tools and a new Community Shelter (FoHP)so visitors can enjoy the Park regardless of the weather.        

Howwood Park project status: completed

Other projects will be delivered throughout 2022.

Inchinnan Community Association Social Club

Resurfacing of car park

Funding: £9,100             

The car park outside the bowling club is often used as an area to safely drop off school children and for people to park when exercising in the local green space.     

Project status: completed

Inchinnan Development Trust

Purchase of Teucheen Woods

Funding: £30,000

Project status: completed

Improvements to Teucheen Woods

Funding: £15,000`

The Inchinnan Development Trust purchased Teucheen Woods to save the ancient woodlands from being offered as a development opportunity from potential house builders.  The woods offer a unique skyline for the village of Inchinnan and is a diverse and thriving natural habitat for wildlife.  The group will improve the natural pathway and remove non-native, invasive plant species.   

Project status: improvements will be made over 2022

Friends of Jenny's Well

Improvements to the Jenny's Well Nature Reserve

Funding: £14,100

The Friends of Jenny's Well group have already greatly improved the nature reserve by reclaiming paths, planting bulbs and removing tons of litter and flytipping from the area. Funding will allow the group to further care for the nature reserve, ridding it of non-native, invasive plant species, installing seating and picnic benches, increasing biodiversity and encouraging the surrounding community to get involved in rediscovering the beauty on their doorstep.   

Project status: will be delivered from 2022 to 2024

Johnstone Community Council

Pump Track at Thomas Shanks Park

Funding: £50,000

Thomas Shanks Park in Johnstone will offer a pump track which will provide exciting play, learning and experience for everyone interested in wheeled sports.  Whether on a bike, scooter, skates or skateboard, the pump track will add a new dimension to play and practice.  

Project status: to be approved

Kilbarchan Community Council     

Kilbarchan Park Improvements

Funding: £50,000

An outdoor gym, new goal posts and a scramble net are amongst some of the improvements to be delivered at this play park.  These will add to the current offerings and further repair the locally loved cableway.

Project status: scheduled for summer 2022

Kilbarchan Improvement Project

Repairs to The Old Library, Kilbarchan

Funding: £22,000

The Old Library is a listed and valued building in the village of Kilbarchan.  Building work has been carried out, paid for by the fund, to ensure the building could safely continue to be used as a community hub.

Project status: completed

Old Library Community Garden

Funding: £4,999

The back of the Old Library has an overgrown open space the group will transform into a community garden.  More building work will also be paid to improve the surrounding wall.            

Project status: completion date is Summer 2022

Kilbarchan Smile

Mary Barbour Cairn area improvements         

Funding: £1,000

The Mary Barbour Cairn is historically significant in the village of Kilbarchan.  Kilbarchan Smile will install a bench on site and a raised planter to encourage local people to visit the Cairn.

Project status: under development

Friends of Knockhill Park

Running track

Funding: £10,000

Friends of Knockhill Park consulted with their local community and were successful in bidding for a running track to facilitate local keep fit enthusiasts or those looking to get stating on a fitness programme.

Project status: under development

Defibrillator, You and Me swing and seating

Funding: £7,371

The group installed a defibrillator into the park, a You and Me swing for young children and their guardians to enjoy play together and boosted the seating and picnic table offering in the park.

Project status: under development

Langbank Swingpark Regeneration

Installation of multi-use games arena

Funding: £50,000 GS

Funding: £30,000 - VIF

The Langbank Tennis Court was used infrequently as it was locked to protect the onsite private bowling green.

Funding allowed the tennis court to be transformed into a MUGA and installed a clear divide to enable to MUGA to remain open while protecting access to the bowling green.      

Project status: completed

Lancraigs Parent Council

Lancraigs Playground Project

Funding: £4,875

Lancraigs Primary school offer their playground as a community asset after school hours and at weekends.  There is no nearby playpark.  The Parent Council used the awarded funding to paint line markings in the playground and replace the basketball hoops.          

Project status: completed

Linwood Community Development Trust

Woodlands Path Network

Funding: £4,800

In partnership with Park Run, LCDT improved the pathway through the woodlands used by the local community.            

Project status: completed

KLAS Care, Linwood

Safe cycling for the community

Funding: £35,000           

KLAS Care have installed a new tarmac surface delivered with line markings to encourage play and cycling proficiency outside their premises.  Although this will be used routinely while delivering care for local children, the whole community are encouraged to use the facility.   

Project status: under development

Lochfield Ladies & Gentlemen Bowling & Social Club

Installation of artificial bowling green

Funding: £50,000

There are 2 Bowling Greens on offer at Lochfield Bowling Club however one suffers from drainage issues and proves a challenge each year to have open for use.  The Club members will deliver a new weatherproof, lower maintenance green to benefit the members and attract a wider audience.

More fundraising is required

Feasibility study and promotion of new green

Funding: £4,900             

The Bowling Club have received information and quotes on the successful installation of an artificial bowling green, they also have funding to promote the new bowling green to their wider community.

Feasibility study Project status: completed with a fundraising event in April and May 2022

Lochwinnoch Community Development Trust

Lochwinnoch Public Play Park upgrade

Additional funding from Renfrewshire Council and the Scottish Government.

Funding: £50,000 - GS

Funding: £30,000 - VIF

Lochwinnoch's public park will be refreshed with new additions to the play area and a cableway outwith.  Included in the project are 2 new multi-play towers, new swings, a roundabout, and other new exciting pieces of play equipment.

Project status: Due for completion in Summer 2022

Community Social Garden

Funding: £5,000 - Design Plans

Project status: under development

Funding: £25,000           

The Community Social Garden will transform an open space in Lochwinnoch into growing grounds which will teach local people about the value and skills required to grown their own produce, provide for the local foodbank and be promoted as a place where all are welcome.   

Project status: to be approved

Lochwinnoch Sustainable Garden

Lochwinnoch Sustainable Garden

Funding: £1,950

The money supported a polytunnel used to ensure temperature is maintained to grown produce for the local community market and foodbank.  The group generate income by creating and selling their own planters and hanging baskets etc.           

Project status: completed

Paisley FM

Signal Booster

Funding: £3,581             

Paisley FM have been in discussions with the villages looking to promote events being delivered there.  The radio stations signal however did not reach this far.  The purchase of a signal booster will mean the station have an even wider reach.    

Project status: under development

Pals of the Privies

Phase 1 & 2 to upgrade play equipment and install an outdoor gym in Glencoats Park & tools and storage container

Funding: £50k and £50k and £5k

A Project status: completed refresh of the toddler and junior play area with a cableway and multi-use unit adding to the appeal.  An outdoor gym installed to encourage adult fitness.  The Pals further secured more funding for a container and tools to enhance the Council's grounds maintenance work in the park.

Project status: completed

Renfrew Environmental Trust

Flower bed restoration in Fountain Gardens, Paisley

Funding: £4,900             

Renfrew Environmental Trust will connect with the local community to encourage and educate in order to restore the Fountain Garden Flower Beds.  The group will arrange for a skilled person to deliver training over a period of time and grow a range of appropriate flowers and shrubs which they will go on to maintain.        

Project status: under development

Robertson's Park Bowling Club

Irrigation System for Robertson's Park Bowling Green

Funding: £16,675           

Maintaining the Robertson's Park Bowling Green is a challenge for the Club members in during long hot spells.  The irrigation system would ensure the Bowling Green continued to be watered during these spells without onerous heavy lifting by the onsite members who lease the Club.            

Project status: to be approved

Rotary Club of Gryffe Valley

Walk for Life in Gryffe Valley Way

Funding: £4,900             

The Rotary Club members noticed an increased volume of people using the Clyde Valley walkways throughout lockdown, looking to reconnect with nature, and each other.  Awarded funding will provide signage and improve pathways on the route.

Project status: under development

Sandyflats Tenants and Residents Association

Sandyflats Playpark Improvements

Funding: £50,000

The Park improvements will be installed Spring 2022 and will upgrade current structures as well as install new equipment, a cableway and 2 multi-use towers will be installed, one for toddlers and one for older children.            

Project status: due for completion in Spring 2022

Spateston Tenants and Residents Association

The Spateston Community Development Trust are currently working with a Council Supplier to deliver play and sports equipment identified by their community.      

Park upgrade

Funding: £50,000

Project status: being installed

Park upgrade phase 2

Funding: £40,000

Project status: being installed

Goal posts

Funding: £7,000

Project status: being installed

St Mirren Youth Football Club

Tyres fencing repair project

Funding: £5,000             

The Inchinnan Playing Field used by this group suffers from ongoing flytipping and is a popular location for quad riders damaging the field used for training and games.  Funding will secure the field's fence provision.  

Project status: to be confirmed

Friends of West Parent Council

In partnership with West Primary, Pre-5 Centre and St Mary's Primary school.

Upgrading Maxwellton play park

With additional funding from Renfrewshire Council & the Scottish Government.

Funding: £50,000

Replacing old play equipment with new swings including basket swing, 2 new play towers, inclusive roundabout, a picnic bench and more, the park will continue to a central location for young people to play and visit.

Project status: due for completion in Summer 2022

Sensory Garden upgrade

Funding: £40,000

Maxwellton Sensory Gardens has attracted a lot of attention and care from volunteers over the years.  The school partnership will deliver improvements to the gardens inspired by the views of the schools and local community.      

Project status: due for completion in Summer 2022

West End Growing Grounds Association

Maintenance tools

Funding: £2,609

Sanctuary Gardens is a well-established community asset which educates, feeds and offers an opportunity for like- minded people to socialise and share experiences.  This awarded funding allows the group to maintain the grounds surrounding the raised beds ensuring grass, shrubs and hedges are not overgrown.

Project status: completed

User tools

Funding: £4,800             

As the garden developed and the gardening group became more diverse, it was noted some growers did not have access to the tools required.  A bank of tools is now supplied onsite offering inclusive opportunities for all.     

Project status: completed