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World Values Day - 15 October 2020

What's important to you? That's the question we asked you and the people of Renfrewshire when we started the conversation to create Our Values in 2019

We launched these values in June this year, in the midst of this global pandemic, because the positive impact of these values was evident every single day. And they still are.

Today is World Values Day -an opportunity to act on Our Values and explore what they mean to you in your behaviours and interactions with your colleagues, families and friends.

This year's theme is 'Values in Action'.

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Here's how you can get involved:


Watch our Senior Leader Stories

We hear from four heads of service as they look back on these last seven months through the lens of our values. Videos from Fraser Carlin, Diane Gillies, Louisa Mahon and Lee Neary will be published on our YouTube channel on Thursday 15 October with their blogs featuring on our website.

Click here to view the videos


Make and share your values pledge

Choose one of Our Values - one that really motivates you, and pledge to do one thing that will make a difference to you and the people you connect with.

Simply print out the a values template, or write it on a piece of paper. You can choose to pledge wither 'I value' or 'We value'

Download the 'I Value - template' [96KB]

Download the 'We Value - template' [97KB]

Take a selfie with your completed template and send it to, post in on Yammer, upload it to your own social accounts and tag @RenCouncil and #WorldValuesDay


Read the 'Living Our Values Guide'

The Living Our Values Guide [5MB]

There's some great examples from colleagues plus a handy summary of how we created the values with details of each value statement and the kinds of behaviours and actions we say we will follow. 

Watch Our Values case studies and launch film

Visit our YouTube page and check out the Our Values playlist for short staff videos and the launch of our values.

Create your Values Action Plan

Use the Values Action Plan template [254KB] to think about the types of behaviours and actions that demonstrate our values in action when we're:

  • working with each other
  • interacting with customers and service users
  • making decisions

It's all about how we put these values in practice in our every day, relate them to our role and make them personal.

It's a great subject for a team meeting too and will help you and your colleagues understand how Our Values can be present in your work every day.

Whether you simply share a Tweet, get together with friends or colleagues for a 'values walk', or just decide to take part in random acts of kindness, there is something for everyone to do to bring Our Values to life