Renfrewshire Council

Working safely during coronavirus

Health, safety and wellbeing at work, wearing face coverings at work, working safely in a council facility, depot, office, school, nursery or at home.

The health and wellbeing of our staff is our number one priority and all decisions are based on the latest Scottish Government guidance and made in consultation with trade unions.

Working at Renfrewshire House

From Monday 7 February 2022, council staff can return to Renfrewshire House and have access to desks, meeting rooms and office space. 

You will be able to book a desk for up to three days a week, using the online desk booking system.

More information about current arrangements for working at Renfrewshire House.

Working safely at a facility, depot or office

Health and safety measures in the workplace, enhanced cleaning regime in workplaces, fire wardens, first aiders, if you or a close contact shows symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), travel to work.

Read our guidance on working safely at a facility or depot

Working safely a school or nursery

Information about enhanced cleaning, pick-up and drop-off, school transport, home testing for staff and senior pupils, face coverings, hand washing, physical distancing, uniforms, school lunches, school meals, cash payments, out of school care, breakfast clubs and informal childcare, pupils with additional support needs (ASN), pupils and family members with health issues, school attendance, home schooling.

Read our guidance on working safely at a school or nursery

Working from home

Our commitment to our staff, protect yourself from coronavirus at home, set up your work environment at home, continue your learning and development at home, annual leave information, look after your health, safety and wellbeing.

Read our guidance on working from home

Making a home visit

Guidelines for what to do before, during and after you make a home visit, including healthcare and non-healthcare visits.

Read ourĀ guidelines on home visits

Non-healthcare home visits

Guidance for making non-healthcare home visits including child protection, community meals, community alarm response, emergency repairs and applies to any council employees, volunteers or contractors working on behalf of the council.

Read our guidelines on non-healthcare home visits

Personal protective equipment (PPE) and hand care

Getting the right personal protective equipment (PPE), What PPE you need if you work in health and social care, hand care and PPE gloves.

Read the information and advice about PPE and hand care

Face coverings at work

There are new rules about wearing face coverings at work, to help minimise the risk of spreading coronavirus (COVID-19) and keep people safe.

Read our guidance on wearing face coverings at work