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Tales from Ochwinnay

'Tales from Ochwinnay' is a series of short stories written and illustrated by Lyn McNicol and Laura Jackson, inspired by the legends of Lochwinnoch and the surrounding countryside.

Tales from Ochwinnay The five stories, in the form of short videos, were developed with the aim of providing a free, illustrated story-telling resource for children across Renfrewshire, helping to nurture their reading during a time where live story-telling events are unable to take place.

The project has been supported by Renfrewshire's Artist Development Grant, launched in 2020 as part of Renfrewshire's Cultural Recovery and Renewal Fund, supporting Renfrewshire's cultural sector in adapting to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Artist Development Grants are supporting artists who live or work in Renfrewshire to continue their practice at a time when their livelihoods are threatened.

You can watch all five stories below.

A Bird's Eye View: This is inspired by two collared doves that regularly visited balconies in Lochwinnoch who were affectionately named Martha & Andy. This is a story from the doves' viewpoint with a healing message about the power of nature and its creatures.

Barrel of Laughs: This is inspired by the history of the cooperage in Lochwinnoch, the origin of the term and the depth of rich African American culture. During slavery, laughing for African-American slaves was not permissible. When they wanted to laugh, they had a laughing barrel' in which they would lean down to laugh without the fear of being heard. This is a story about universal laughter being heard loudly and proudly.

Bird Box 24: This is inspired by many visits to the RSPB in Lochwinnoch and its nature trails. It's a story about kindness and about global unity.  

King Ram of Baa Castle: This is inspired by Barr Castle which is on the cycle path between Lochwinnoch and Kilbirnie and the sheep in its fields. It's a story about friendship, camaraderie, nurturing and birth.

The Paisley Feathers: This is inspired by many visits to Parkhill Woods in Lochwinnoch and the strange and exotic creatures seen from the elaborate trees and branches. It's a story about friendship, beauty and love.

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Renfrewshire's Cultural Recovery and Renewal Fund is part of Future Paisley, a radical and wide-ranging cultural regeneration programme, and is administered by Renfrewshire Leisure on behalf of Renfrewshire Council.



Published 18 June 2021