Renfrewshire Council

Register your child at a school

Find out what schools there are in Renfrewshire, register for a place in a school, what evidence you need to provide, change from one school to another.

Schools in Renfrewshire

To find out what schools there are in Renfrewshire, see the:

You can also get more information about schools in your catchment area by calling 0300 300 0170.

All schools have a handbook which is updated every year. It is a good source of information about the school. Many of our schools have their own websites and you can find links to these on each of the primary schools and secondary schools pages.

You can find guidance about starting a new school year and other useful information on the Parentzone Scotland website.

See also: choosing a school: a guide for parents from the Scottish Government.

Places in Primary 1 class

You can register your child for Primary 1 class, if they are aged 5 between 1 March 2021 and 28 February 2022 inclusive.

Registration is open between Monday 2 to Monday 9 November 2020 for places starting in August 2021.

You'll need to request early entry to school if your child's fifth birthday is later than 28 February. However, you should consider the impact this will have on your child and their education.

Register your child at your local school

You can only register your child at one local school, either the denominational or the non-denominational school in your catchment area. 

If you or someone you're helping can't register online, they should phone the local school and make an appointment to attend in person during the registration dates.

Registration is open online in November for places in August the following year. 

Apply for a school outside your catchment area

If you want to register your child to another school instead of your local denominational or non-denominational school, you'll need to:

  1. register your child for a primary school in your catchment area first
  2. apply for a place at a school outside your catchment area (placing request).

What evidence you need to provide

You must provide satisfactory documentary evidence of your child's age and proof that your family live within the catchment area of the school.

This evidence includes:

  • your child's full birth certificate
  • your most recent Council Tax notice
  • Child Benefit Statement
  • Roman Catholic baptismal certificate, if required

If you're not living at your address yet, you'll need to provide either a completed contract or a signed and witnessed tenancy agreement or lease.
If you don't have a Child Benefit Statement, you'll need to provide one of the following:

  • driving licence
  • bank statement
  • a utility bill, such as gas or electricity, dated within the last 3 months and showing your current address
  • a court order, Looked After Child or foster carer documents.

We may ask for more evidence if we need more proof of residency. You must produce original documents if we ask for them. 

If you're moving into Renfrewshire and your child has already been attending another school, you should contact your new catchment school with proof that you now live in the area.

Change schools

You can ask for your child to move from one school to another. This is called a placing request.