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Meet Tracy McGillivray, our Head of Schools (Inclusion and Quality Improvement)

With four new heads of service taking up post this year, we thought it was time we got to know them a little better. This week we're catching up with our new Head of Schools (Inclusion and Quality Improvement), Tracy McGillivray.

Tracy McGillivray Hello Tracy, hope you're well. Can you tell us a little bit about your work before joining the Council?
Hello, thank you! I have been teaching for 27 years and the subjects that I taught were Chemistry and Biology - I absolutely love science and was inspired to go into teaching by my own Chemistry teacher, Mr Sands who. I started my career in Cumbernauld High School but have spent most of my working life in Ayrshire although I have always lived in Glasgow or surrounding areas.  For the past ten years I have had the privilege of being the Head Teacher of Irvine Royal Academy in North Ayrshire and then Belmont Academy in South Ayrshire. Two very different schools but I loved every minute of my time at both.

What attracted you to Renfrewshire Council?
The decision to join Renfrewshire Council was very much about coming to work within an open and collegiate culture and to build on this with committed colleagues. I was ready for a new challenge and the role chimed with my passion for ensuring our children and young people are included in their schools and communities and have the best chances in life.

What opportunities do you see for Renfrewshire and our workforce in the immediate future?
I have already been inspired by the commitment to continue the strategic work that has taken place in Children's Services despite the pandemic and during a time which school leadership and teaching has never been more challenging. It's been great working with colleagues to build on the great practice in Renfrewshire and to help shape the future direction of Children's Services and Renfrewshire Council over the coming years.

Finally, can you share a funny or unexpected or memorable experience with us?
I am completely clumsy - I trip over fresh air and have broken many bones! I don't know my right from my left and continually get lost even with Sat Nav. I am bright in many ways but in other ways not so much. For example, the tyre pressure warning light in my car kept coming on and when it asked you to press the button to reset, I thought that it was resetting the tyre pressure. I only realised it wasn't pumping up my tyres when my back tyres went completely flat costing me a fortune to fix! I am a very family orientated person, and my values are such that I am deeply motivated to ensure that children get the best experience in life.

Thank you!

Published on Wednesday 17 August 2022