Renfrewshire Council

Return to school for P4 to P7, secondary and ASN pupils - published 5 March 2021

A message to parents and carers on the arrangements for P4 to P7 and secondary pupils to return to in-school learning from Monday 15 March. It is dated Friday 5 March 2021.

Dear Parent or Carer

On Tuesday of this week, the First Minister announced that the next phase of reopening schools will take place on Monday 15 March, subject to continued suppression of the virus.

Schools received guidance from Education Scotland yesterday (Thursday 4 March) and are waiting on further updated guidance from Scottish Government, which is due to be issued shortly. In the meantime, our schools are working on their plans and once the guidance is published, we will finalise our plans and update you as soon as we can. 

At the moment, here is what I can confirm for the second phase of reopening schools.


Pupils in P4 to P7 will return to school on Monday 15 March, joining P1 to P3 pupils who are already back at school.  Arrangements for vulnerable children and the children of keyworkers will end, and these children will re-join their normal classes.

After school clubs based in school premises will be able to restart from that date.  Please contact your after-school club provider for further details.

Schools will contact you by Friday 12 March to confirm any further details to support the safe return of all children.


From Monday 15 March, all secondary pupils will receive some remote learning and some in-school teaching.  

While there will be a broadly consistent approach across all Renfrewshire secondary schools, each school will decide how to safely balance remote and in-school learning based on local circumstances and needs. 

Senior phase students in S4 to S6 who are taking national qualifications will have priority for face-to-face lessons in school.

Arrangements for pupils learning remotely at home will have to change to support staff as they balance this with face-to-face teaching in schools. Schools will contact you directly to let you know what is changing.

The Scottish Government have advised that, subject to continued suppression of the virus, all secondary school pupils will be back in school full time after the Easter holidays.

Schools will contact you by Friday 12 March with further details of when your child should attend school.

Young people are expected to maintain two metre physical distancing and wear a face covering while in school, including classrooms and communal areas. Those exempt from wearing face coverings will not be asked to wear one.

ASN Schools and Units

Headteachers of ASN schools have been discussing arrangements for individual children and young people for return to school from 11 January and these arrangements will continue, in discussion with parents and carers.


Home to school transport will be available for all pupils who are entitled to receive this service. If it is necessary to alter any arrangements, our schools will inform you by Friday 12 March.

We will also inform you of any changes to arrangements for minimising risk, for example face coverings and physical distancing, when further Scottish Government guidance is published.

School Meals

School meals will be available for all primary pupils. Secondary pupils will be able to get a school meal if they are in school at lunchtime. Pupils entitled to receive a free school meal will be able to receive one.

Direct payments to parents and carers of secondary pupils entitled to free school meals will continue until they return to school full time.

Secondary Schools - Children of Keyworkers, and Vulnerable Children

We will inform parents and carers who have a key worker or vulnerable child place at our schools of any changes to these arrangements when further Scottish Government guidance is published.

Clinically Vulnerable Children and Young People

We will inform parents and carers who have a clinically vulnerable child of any changes to the arrangements for their child when further Scottish Government guidance is published.

Once again, I would like to thank you for all you have done, and continue to do, to support your child's learning.  Your patience and support are greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Steven Quinn

Director of Children's Services