Renfrewshire Council

School meal information

Primary school menus

The 'Primary schools menus' page provides the following information:

  • Primary school meal options for any specific day
  • Nutritional information for certain main meals
  • Ability to pay online for certain schools (see below)


School meal prices 

For current prices visit the School meals link on our Fees and Charges webpage.


P1 to P3 free school meals 

All primary 1 to primary 3 school children are now entitled to a free school meal.


Free school meals 

Your child may be entitled to free school meals after P3 if:

  • your child attends a Renfrewshire school or has been placed in an educational establishment outside Renfrewshire by Renfrewshire Council, or
  • you receive income support, any income-related element of employment and support allowance, maximum working tax credits (if you earn less than £6,420/year), child tax credit only (if you earn less than £16,190) or pension credit.

Find out how to apply on our free school meals and clothing grants page.


Special diets 

You can find the list of allergens in each school meal in the 'related documents' section of this page.

As far as possible, we try to cater for all types of medical diet:

  • diabetic
  • nut-free
  • egg-free
  • gluten-free
  • additive-free, and
  • milk-free.

If your child needs a medically restricted diet, first of all, contact the head teacher at your child's school.

He/she will pass your request to the area catering manager who will then contact you to find out your child's exact dietary needs. 

You should make your request in writing and include evidence from your doctor or another medical authority. You should fully describe your child's diagnosis and dietary needs. 

We cannot accept verbal requests because the diet a child eats can affect their health, both now and later in life.