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Given the need for the council to focus its resources to tackle the immediate Coronavirus crisis, the Right for Renfrewshire transformation programme has been put on hold with immediate effect. (17 April 2020)

This means that the changes we planned to make in this financial year 2020/21 will be delayed. There is no decision on when the programme will restart.

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Five things you need to know about Right for Renfrewshire

1. What makes Right for Renfrewshire different is that it will look at the council as a whole, rather than individual services in isolation - and focus on the most important outcomes for local people and communities

2. The main goals for Right for Renfrewshire are to design services around local people and their needs, and the development of a culture that supports and empowers staff and new ways of working

3. No one knows the council better than you, and employees will be invited to get involved in the service design process by taking part in various engagement activities, to tell us; what we're currently doing, how well we're doing it and importantly if we could do it better

4. Right for Renfrewshire is about transforming the way we work, not simply reducing employee numbers. It is not about individuals taking on more work - it is a fundamental look at how we deliver our services and how we protect the wellbeing of our staff and the future services should reflect these principles in their design

5. Changes to how we deliver our services will be subject to consultation with employees and Trade Unions, and any future changes will be agreed by Elected Members. 


The Right for Renfrewshire programme will be delivered over the next three years (2019-20 to 2021-22). It will look at the council as a whole rather than individual services in isolation - and focus on the most important outcomes for local people.

It will look at every aspect of how we work and the services we deliver to make sure we are sustainable in the future and can continue to deliver services that improve lives.

It will make the most of emerging opportunities:

  • Developments in digital technology and its potential to influence and change services and ways of working
  • Building on the strong partnership working across all sectors
  • The changing and developing relationship with communities, especially as the Community Empowerment agenda develops and matures.

It's about looking at the very fabric of the organisation and deciding what sort of organisation we want to be. One that's:

Right for people:

  • Giving employees choices about their future
  • Addressing what you have told us hinders progress and how you would like to improve service delivery
  • Creating the conditions that will unlock the skills and experience of our workforce
  • Empowering and engaging you in designing services and making Renfrewshire a great place to live, learn and work
  • Creating and sustaining the right culture and making sure we live by our values.

Right for communities:

  • Giving communities choice about their future
  • Being more responsive and addressing the issues that communities have told us matter most to them
  • Designing place-based, integrated services that are connected to community assets
  • Empowering individuals and communities to be independent, resilient and able to participate in local issues

    Changing and empowering our workforce

    As a council, we're continuously changing how we work to respond to what our communities need and in recent years we've taken great strides in modernising and changing the way we operate.

    We recognise we now need to do something different and want to take a fundamental look at how we operate and deliver our services - through our processes, technology, information and assets, people and structures.  

    Right for Renfrewshire will drive the design services around local people and their needs and will foster a culture that supports and empowers staff. This is our main priority.

    Right for Renfrewshire will deliver:

    • A leaner and more efficient organisation that is right for people and right for communities, where resource is focused on where it can make the biggest impact
    • A clear purpose and understanding about what the council is best placed to deliver
    • A structured approach to designing services around people and local need
    • More adaptable structures with greater staff empowerment, integrated teams and mobile working 
    • Communities being empowered to do more for themselves
    • Greater collaboration with partners
    • The right culture that will unlock and develop the skills and potential of our workforce.

    How do we help make this happen?

    By focusing our resources on where they can have most impact.

    • Through effective workforce planning - we need to think ahead to meet future needs
    • Through good organisational design - making sure that our structures are efficient and support the delivery of service outcomes and aims
    • Managing workforce reductions carefully through managing our vacancies, redeployment and re-training, voluntary redundancy, voluntary early retirement or by reviewing contract arrangements
    • Enabling people to work flexibly, in terms of what they do and where they work
    • Making sure that people have the right skills that meet the needs of the job
    • Empowering our people to make decisions and deliver the best results for local people.

    Keeping you up to date

    We will provide you with all the information you need to understand why we are changing, how this will impact on you, when it will happen and what the future will look like.

    A guide for employees has been created that explains exactly what Right for Renfrewshire is, why we are doing it and what makes it different from our previous change programmes.

    This section of the intranet will be regularly updated with details on the general programme and Frequently Asked Questions that we will continue to add to as and when information becomes available.