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Brooke Adam and Millie O'Neil celebrate their national qualification results

Linwood High pupils celebrate as they open their national qualification results

We spoke to nine pupils from Linwood High School to find out their results and their ambitions for the future.

Looking for help - call Skills Development Scotland's results helpline on 0808 100 8000.

This year's results day was different from usual - having been decided under an alternative certification model after the final exams were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

That saw the Scottish Qualifications Authority issue pupils with grades based on estimations provided by the schools and then moderated by the SQA.

We spoke to nine pupils from Linwood High School who came into the building for the first time since lockdown, to get their reaction as their results arrived - joined by a camera crew from the BBC for a nationwide live TV and radio news broadcast.

Linwood High School pupils celebrating their national qualification results Pupils' reaction

Brooke Adam, 16, in S5

"I got six As and a B and I'm very happy with it. Next year I am doing five Highers and when I leave school I'd like to be either a paediatric doctor or a child's nurse.

"It was a bit nerve-wracking because we didn't sit exams so I didn't have an idea of how I'd done, so that was a bit weird."

Dylan Kidd, 17 and has just finished S6

"I sat four subjects this year all at Higher level - and I got As in three of them and a B in the other.

"I'll now be going on to Glasgow Caledonian University to do computer games design. Not having exams actually made the year less stressful as I didn't have to worry about studying during the exam diet."

Dillion Quigley, 16, in S5

"I'm so happy. I got six As in Biology, English, Maths, Modern Studies, PE and Home Ec and I got my B in Physics. I'm going into fifth year to do my Highers and then onto sixth year.

"I'm not sure what I want to do at university yet but I know I will be motivated to do whatever I want to do later in life."

Chloe Jarvie, 16, in S5

"I got five As, a B and a C. Next year I will do Physics, Biology, English, Maths and Cake Craft, but I want to go to university to study engineering."

Kyle Gordon, 17, in S6

"I'm pleased with my results and they are better than I expected. I got a B in Biology, C in Computing, A in English, B in Maths and an A in RMPS. Next year I am doing more Highers but will also do Leadership course as this will support my future career in either therapy or teaching philosophy."

Kyle Hill, 15, in S5

"I got four As, two Bs and a C. I was hoping for a wee bit better but I'm doing my Highers next year and I want to do law at university."

Millie O'Neil, 15, in S5

"I got As, Bs and a C. My As were in Home Ec, English and History. I'm really pleased with my results. History is my favourite subject, but I want to be a midwife. My gran was a midwife and she has inspired me. 

"I've not got any celebration plans yet, but I will have a lot of phonecalls to make to my relatives when I get home."

Omar Marire, 16, in S5

"I got the results I wanted. Straight Bs apart from two subjects where I got two Cs. I will continue on into fifth year and then move into university after that. 

"I was studying up before coronavirus closed schools, so I was ready but the exams didn't happen."

Ryan McLean, 15, in S5

"I'm happy with my results, I ended up with four As in Maths, Physics, Biology, English, and three Bs in Computing, Geography and PE.

"I'm going to continue onto Highers and maybe Advanced Highers in Physics and Biology. Aftert that, I want to go to university."

Dillon Quigley with his mum Susan and sister Louise Renfrewshire's results

Across Renfrewshire, attainment has again increased in S4 at both national 4 and national 5 in almost all measurements, with two-thirds now achieving three or more national 5 awards.

S5 attainment remains very strong with an increasing number of young people achieving National 5 and Higher awards. Over a third of pupils achieved three or more awards at Higher.

Attainment of S6 pupils also remained high, with young people emulating the strong performances of the last few years.

Linwood High School Headteacher Gillian Macartney Linwood High School Headteacher

Gillian Macartney said: "I would like to congratulate all our pupils on their results this year. I am incredibly proud of each and every one of them.

"Our results have been improving year-on-year and that's down to our work on raising attainment and achievement across the board. Our pupils have worked incredibly hard and their results are well deserved.

"Our teachers and school staff are incredibly dedicated and have supported our pupils to achieve the best outcome for them, whether that is today's results or wider achievement.

"There are many pathways that our young people can take towards their chosen career and it's our job as teachers to ensure that pupils achieve the best outcome for them.

"I would also like to thank our parents for their continued support of the school and pupils. It has been a challenging few months for our whole school community. We are looking forward to returning to school and supporting our young people to achieve their goals and future dreams."

Education Convener, Cllr Jim Paterson, with pupils from Gryffe High School Education Convener

Councillor Jim Paterson said: "I want to say well done to all our senior pupils. It's been an incredibly tough year with exams being cancelled for the first time since the system started in Scotland.

"I hope you got the results you wanted and they reflected the hard work and effort you put in across the year and it's important that we take this opportunity to celebrate the achievements of all young people. 

"There are many paths you can take to get into your chosen career. If your results weren't what you wanted, please speak to our schools for advice. Whether you are returning to school or moving onto college, university, an apprenticeship or work, I wish you the very best for the future."

Published Tuesday 4 August 2020

Pictured: Pupils from Linwood High School