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You can find useful links and information on SQA national qualifications here.

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National qualifications in lieu of exams (2021)

The Scottish Government has announced that no pupils will sit exams this year due to disruption to young people's studies. Schools are working with Scottish Government and SQA guidance on submitting teacher assessed grades. This year there will be no algorithm used to moderate the results.

Your school will talk to you about coursework and assessments you need to complete when you return to school. They will also be supporting you through coursework while you are learning from home. If you need advice or support, please speak to your teacher or school.

Receiving your qualifications

You will receive your Scottish Qualifications Certificate (SQC) by post. If you signed up to MySQA and activated your account, you will also receive a text message or email from 8am on Tuesday 4 August.

If you haven't received your qualifications by post, text or email, here are some helpful tips from SQA.

  • Post - check if your mail has been delivered. Royal Mail may be later than normal due to the increased volume of mail on results day.
  • Text message - contact your service provider. Your message may be delayed due to the number of text messages being sent that day. 
  • Email - check your spam or junk folder. Your email may also be delayed due to the number of emails being sent that day. 

You can also find more frequently asked questions on SQA's website.

Support and help

You might want to talk to someone about your options, especially if your results are not what you expected.

Speak to your school as soon as you can. Your school will help you find the right path for you towards your chosen career.


You might want to gain experience of the workplace while also gaining a qualification.

Your school's career advisor and the team at Skills Development Scotland can help you find the right apprenticeship for you.

Apprenticeships include:

  • Foundation Apprenticeship (FA) - gain experience and industry insight while still at school over one or two years
  • Modern Apprenticeship (MA) - learn on the job, get paid and earn a qualification
  • Graduate Apprenticeship (GA) - learn on the job, get paid and earn a degree.

S5 pupils returning to school can apply for the new Digital Manufacturing FA starting in August. Applications for FAs remain open until the end of August or mid-September.

For more information:

Training and employment

You might want to start working right away. You can find what training opportunities and employability services are available to you from our Invest in Renfrewshire team.

To get in touch:


visit the Invest in Renfrewshire website

call an advisor on 0300 300 1180.


You might not feel ready to go straight to university. By completing a related college qualification such as an HNC or HND you could move straight into second or third year at university.

Check that your college course allows you to progress into university before you accept it. Not all college courses offer direct progression and it's best to check beforehand. Visit their website or call them and ask. 

For more career advice:

Pupil success stories

Every year, we shine a light on Renfrewshire's ambitious pupils. You can read their stories by clicking on the links below.