Renfrewshire Council

Recycling in schools

Items which can be recycled

Schools are provided with facilities for recycling a wide range of items see table below:

(Flatten before recycling)
PlasticCansTetra Pak
envelopestoilet roll tubesfizzy drinksdrinkmilk cartons
magazineskitchen roll tubeswater bottlesfizzy drinksfruit juice cartons
newspaperscardboard packagingshampoo bottles(aluminium & steel) 
telephone directoriescomputer game boxeswashing - up bottles  
brochurescardboard boxes
(small or broken down)
yoghurt pots
(must be cleaned)
soft backed catalogues    
unwanted mail    
greeting cards    
wrapping paper    
office paper    
coloured paper    

We supply the following stickers for schools to show which items should be put in the recycling bins

  • paper and cardboard only
  • plastic, cans and tetrapak only

Recycling containers

We can provide a number of different sizes of recycling container:

Capacity (litres)Dimensions (mm) (height/width/depth)
2401080 x 580 x 730
3601100 x 620 x 860
12801430 x 1265 x 985

How the service works

School recycling containers are collected every two weeks.

Please ensure:

  • Recycling containers are at the agreed collection point by 7am.
  • Bin lids are kept closed.
  • Bins are not contaminated and do not contain the wrong materials (contaminated bins will not be uplifted).