Renfrewshire Council

Parking restrictions

In Renfrewshire, we want to keep all roads users and pedestrians safe so please ensure that your comply with the parking restrictions put in place.

Failing to follow the restrictions can cause a danger on the roads and can disrupt of our public transport services too.

Our Wardens Service are monitoring our roads network and will issue fixed penalty notices to any motorists found to be parking illegally.

Here's a look at some of the restrictions you need to follow.

Bus stops

Like the name, these are for buses only and no vehicle should  park in the zone around a bus stop at any time.

This includes stopping to run an errand, drop off or pick ups, deliveries and private hire vehicles.

Even if it's only for two minutes, that's two minutes too long and you could be fined.

Waiting restrictions (double/single yellow lines)

Double yellows - no waiting or parking at any time (unless specifically signposted).

Single yellows - you cannot wait or park during the signposted times, but you can outside of these times.

Other parking signage - You may see signage with a blue 'P' and timings. This means you are only allowed to wait during these times and for the time specified i.e. Mon-Sat, 8am-8pm, 20 mins. You can wait here longer outside of these times

Loading restrictions

Yellow marks on the kerb or edge of the road mean that loading is not allowed at specified times.

Always check the times on the signage.

Two yellow lines - No loading at any time

Single yellow line - No loading or unloading at the times specified on the signage

Loading bay - Loading only, not for any other use i.e. parking

Restricted parking zones

Clear signage will be present at the start and end of these zones.

You are only permitted to park within the lined parking bays.

You may not park or wait anywhere else within these zones at any time.

Event day parking zones

These will be covered by a traffic regulation order (TRO) which will be advertised in advance to ensure that road users are aware.

These apply for the day(s) of the event only and must be followed.

Keep clear markings

It's illegal to stop on keep clear road markings.

Pupil safety

The yellow 'zig-zag' keep clear road markings outside schools are there for the safety of pupils.

They help protect pupils by giving them, and motorists, clear sightlines when crossing roads outside the school. 


Where there are yellow zig-zag 'keep clear' markings on the road and a parking panel is present, it is illegal to stop during the days and times shown.

Enforcement and penalties

Drivers who stop or park on the road markings could face the following:

  • A penalty charge notice
  • Their vehicle reported for uplift to be impounded
  • A charge to recover their vehicle.

Please take care to avoid stopping on these marking for any reason, even if this is to stop and collect a pupil. Park in a safe place away from the school and walk to collect them.