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Plans for regenerating properties in the Springbank/Mossvale area of Paisley

Regeneration and renewal proposal

Springbank/Mossvale is one of the eight areas covered by our Housing-led Renewal and Regeneration Programme. You can see a map showing which addresses are covered by the programme below:

Map of the plans for the Springbank/Mossvale area [740KB]

Springbank/Mossvale is a well-located area. It includes 251 flats across 16 blocks built in the 1960s. The council owns 149 of these, and the other 102 properties are privately owned. The area has limited demand from applicants for council housing and there are issues with maintenance and waste collection.

It is planned nine deck-access blocks and lock-ups are to be demolished. The addresses are:

  • 47-53, 55-61, 63-69 and 71-77 Springbank Road;
  • 6-20 Russell Street;
  • 1-19, 2-20 and 22-48 Mossvale Square;
  • 2-22 Mossvale Street;
  • The lock-ups at 1-16 Russell St.

The following blocks will be retained and improved, with improvements to the wider environment around them:

  • 1-19 Russell Street;
  • 24-38, 40-52, 54-66, 31-35 and 37-55 Mossvale Street.

Next steps and timeline

Timelines for the work are still being developed, and our officers will be in touch with residents directly to keep them updated once these have been decided.

Officers will contact residents whose homes are proposed for demolition to provide advice and assistance regarding rehousing options and timescales.

Where there are private owners in blocks being proposed for demolition, an independent valuer will be instructed to negotiate the acquisition of these properties.

Where there are blocks in mixed ownership, a range of options will be offered to owners (subject to individual circumstances) to assist them to participate in the improvement works.

Where participation is required for works to proceed and cannot be secured, owners may be given the opportunity to sell to the council and become tenants if they are resident or made an ex-cambion offer of another suitable property.

Consultation feedback

We carried out a consultation with tenants and residents of Springbank/Mossvale in summer 2021, to capture views on our initial plans for the area

From 229 surveys issued, 104 were completed (54 from council tenants and 50 from private owners). The key findings were:

  • 82% of council tenants and 64% of owners and private tenants broadly agreed with the proposals for the area;
  • 85% of council tenants and 56% of owners and private tenants agreed the blocks proposed for demolition should be demolished;
  • 56% of owners and private tenants said the blocks proposed for retention and investment should be retained;
  • 50% of owners said they would participate in an improvement scheme if the council offered assistance to help them invest in their properties;
  • 89% of council tenants said they would like to remain in the area;
  • 87% of council tenants and 80% of owners and private tenants said they would like to see new-build council housing in the area.

Given the levels of engagement and mainly positive agreement with the proposals for this area, no changes were made to proposals following consultation.

More info

If you have any questions about any aspect of this programme, our team will be happy to answer them. You can contact us via the below:


Phone: Tom McConnon - 07534 147 527