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Regeneration and renewal plans for Springbank and Mossvale

Plans for regenerating properties in the Springbank/Mossvale area of Paisley

Regeneration and renewal proposal

Springbank/Mossvale is one of the eight areas covered by our Housing-led Renewal and Regeneration Programme. You can see a map showing which addresses are covered by the programme below:

Map of the plans for the Springbank/Mossvale area [740KB]

Springbank/Mossvale is a well-located area. It includes 251 flats across 16 blocks built in the 1960s. The council owns 149 of these, and the other 102 properties are privately owned.

The Springbank/Mossvale area will be transformed with two phases of new-build council housing on the cleared sites of homes due to be demolished. The first phase will see  the following blocks demolished and replaced by new-builds:

  • 47-53 Springbank Road;
  • 1-19, 2-20 and 22-48 Mossvale Square;
  • 2-22 Mossvale Street.

The second phase will see the demolition and replacement of:

  • 55-61, 63-69 and 71-77 Springbank Road;
  • 6-20 Russell Street.

Council tenants who are being rehoused will have the right to be considered for the new-build homes.

The following blocks will be retained and improved, subject to owner agreement:

  • 1-19 Russell Street;
  • 24-38, 40-52, 54-66, 31-35 and 37-55 Mossvale Street.

This will make those homes more energy-efficient and help keep fuel bills down. This will in most cases include:

  • new roofs, including new roof trims, gutters and rainwater pipes, and the addition of solar panels;
  • external wall insulation;
  • new close doors, repainted closes and repairs to stair treads;
  • new TV aerials;
  • (in some cases) new windows;

There will also be improvements to outdoor and common areas such as closes, back courts, bin stores and recycling facilities.

    Next steps and timeline

    The estimated programme of works is as follows:

    • Early 2024 - work starts to improve all properties being retained (as described above). We expect it will take around two years to complete this;
    • Summer 2024 - the first phase of demolition starts. We expect this will take around nine months;
    • 2026 - construction starts on the first phase of new-build council homes. This should take around 18 months;
    • Late 2027 - the second phase ofdemolition starts. We expect this will take around nine months
    • 2029 - the second phase of new-builds starts. This should take around 18 months;
    • By 2030/31 - we expect all work to be complete.

    Please note, as this is a long-term project, the timelines could be liable to change.

    Throughout this time, we will be working with council tenants in blocks proposed for demolition to help them find another home elsewhere, and with the owners of those properties to help bring them into council ownership.

    We will also be working with all residents over the years ahead on a neighbourhood plan for the area, to capture your views on the issues affecting the wider area, what you would like to see changed or improved, and how we and our partners can work together to deliver on that.

    Previous consultation feedback

    We carried out a consultation with tenants and residents of Springbank/Mossvale in summer 2021, to capture views on our initial plans for the area

    From 229 surveys issued, 104 were completed (54 from council tenants and 50 from private owners). The key findings were:

    • 82% of council tenants and 64% of owners and private tenants broadly agreed with the proposals for the area;
    • 85% of council tenants and 56% of owners and private tenants agreed the blocks proposed for demolition should be demolished;
    • 56% of owners and private tenants said the blocks proposed for retention and investment should be retained;
    • 50% of owners said they would participate in an improvement scheme if the council offered assistance to help them invest in their properties;
    • 89% of council tenants said they would like to remain in the area;
    • 87% of council tenants and 80% of owners and private tenants said they would like to see new-build council housing in the area.

    Given the levels of engagement and mainly positive agreement with the proposals for this area, no changes were made to proposals following consultation.

    More info

    We appreciate you may have questions over what happens next. Whether you are a tenant or an owner, there are options open to you - we want to help find the right one for you. You can read more information on your options in the link below:

    Housing Regeneration and Renewal Programme - what it means for residents

    If you have any other questions about any aspect of this programme, our team will be happy to answer them. You can contact us via the below:


    Phone: Tom McConnon - 07534 147527 or Barbara Morgan on 07483 380797.