Renfrewshire Council

We're aware of an intermittent fault with the gritter tracker and are working to resolve this.

Gritter tracker

Follow our gritting vehicles throughout the winter period as they keep the roads clear of snow and ice.

Thank you to all our staff who work day and night to keep Renfrewshire moving.

You can look out for:
Ploughlo Grittini, Thawin' Batty, Tony Gritzpatrick, William Wall-ice, Gerry Raffersleigh, Fridge of Weir, Gleniffer Brrraes, Buddie Baltic and Paisleigh

For more information on our priority routes, visit Winter Gritting.

*     The map will be upgraded on a continual basis to make it easy as possible to track our gritters.
**   If you select our priority routes, zoom in to see them on the map.
*** When not required to be out, gritters will remain at their base at Underwood Road to refill their supplies.