Renfrewshire Council

Flood prevention schemes

We've spent about £10 million on flood schemes. This has let us build flood prevention schemes and introduce good maintenance and management measures in watercourses and culverts.

The flood prevention schemes which have been built have been shown to be effective in reducing flooding.

However, while good progress has been made, there is a need for continuing work on flood prevention to deal with areas of Renfrewshire which will continue to experience flooding during severe events. 

We are committed to working with the Scottish Government to reduce the problems of flooding in these locations.

Flooding is not always caused by rivers, it can also come from sewers which become overloaded during periods of high rainfall. This is the case in our towns and villages during flash floods caused by heavy downpours. 

We are working to resolve some of these problems in partnership with Scottish Water and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) through a European Union project known as INTERREG IIIB, a European Union (EU) initiative that is studying the problems of drainage and flooding and development sustainable solutions to urban flooding. 

Further information on INTERREG is available from EU INTERREG web site.

The European Union provided approximately £300,000 and a further grant of £100,000 was awarded by Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM).