Renfrewshire Council

Guidance on wearing face coverings at work

There are new rules on wearing face coverings at work, to minimise the risk of spreading coronavirus (COVID-19) and to keep people safe.

Guidance for council employees

From Friday 16 October 2020, you must wear a face covering at all work canteens, when you are not sitting at a table. 

This includes:

  • the canteen at our Underwood Road Depot
  • other staff facilities including kitchens, canteens, eating areas and rest areas
  • our touchdown hubs. 

You must now wear a face covering when entering and moving around a welfare area, in the same way this is you would do this in a public café or restaurant.

From Monday 19 October 2020, council employees must always wear a face covering:

  • in all communal areas in our buildings, such as corridors, toilets or breakout areas
  • when sharing a council vehicle (only if allowed by risk assessment)
  • in any situation where a two-meter distance cannot be maintained.

There are some supplies of face coverings available at operational buildings for employees who haven't brought a face covering with them. 

However, you should always carry your own face covering with you.

You don't need to wear a face covering:

It is essential that we all adhere to this policy to keep our colleagues and members of the public safe and well.

Guidance for members of the public and service users

All members of the public must wear a face covering when entering or moving around a council building, for the safety of our staff.

If a member of the public forgets to wear a mask, you can offer them one from a supply that will be available.


Some people are exempt from wearing face masks for medical reasons. If this applies to you, make sure your manager knows this as soon as possible. 

If a member of the public forgets to wear a mask, you can offer them one from a supply that will be available.

Some customers and service users may also not be able to wear a face covering due to a disabilities or medical conditions. 

This may not always be visible, so be kind and considerate when asking people to support us with this policy. 

Signs and information about face coverings

To make sure everyone is aware of their responsibilities, there will be signs clearly displaying information about face coverings at building entrances and throughout our workplaces.

We will also tell people about this through our website and social channels.

This new guidance is additional to the current safe working practice and guidance in place for our schools and other council services, including Renfrewshire Leisure and Renfrewshire HSCP.

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