Renfrewshire Council

ECO-Flex Statement of Intent

You can download a copy of the full SoI document from the Related Documents section.

This is Renfrewshire Council's Statement of Intent (SoI) for Energy Company Obligation - Flex (ECO-Flex). 

This SoI is a requirement of legislation which determines whether households qualify for enhanced funding support for energy efficiency improvements to their homes. 

ECO-Flex is aimed at supporting households in fuel poverty and vulnerable to fuel poverty. This document complies with the legislative requirement (ECO3 amendment order 2018) to issue a SoI that defines the qualifying criteria for ECO-Flex in the Renfrewshire area. 

Renfrewshire Council is committed to mitigating fuel poverty as far as is practicable and has worked with partners to deliver on this ambition.  Our commitments are described in our Fuel Poverty Strategy.  Based on the most current data available, levels of fuel poverty in Renfrewshire is at 28% while the Scottish Average is 34%.  Renfrewshire, however, has one of the lowest levels of fuel poverty in Scotland and is also home to some of the poorest data zones for the Scottish Indices of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD).  The Council believes that these figures hint at the complexity of fuel poverty and the nature of vulnerability to fuel poverty.  Our SoI aims to extend support to the vulnerable households that may not otherwise qualify for funding for domestic energy improvements. 

The Council has developed this SoI through consulting with internal and external partners to ensure that what we describe in this document meets the expectations and strategic commitments of the Council.