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Cultural Grants

This section provides information about grant funds for cultural organisations, artists and community groups or businesses who wish to create or develop cultural activity.

Renfrewshire's cultural funding programmes are designed to support Renfrewshire's cultural and creative communities and will reopen for applications in summer 2023.

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Culture Heritage and Events Fund (CHEF)
Cultural Organisations Development Fund (CODF)
Future Paisley

Culture Heritage and Events Fund (CHEF)

The Culture, Heritage and Events Fund (CHEF) aims to:

  • Increase the number of people taking part in creativity in Renfrewshire
  • Increase opportunities for young people to develop their creative ambition
  • Stimulate the local economy
  • Realise the contribution creativity can make to education, social inclusion, and quality of life
  • Strengthen and expand the network of people developing cultural and creative projects in Renfrewshire
  • Increase the number of people visiting Renfrewshire
  • Raise the profile of Renfrewshire throughout the UK

CHEF can support a variety of projects including festivals, events, workshops and performances; research and development for artists and creative organisations; and the development of new artistic work.

The fund accepts applications from organisations and individuals based or working in Renfrewshire.

CHEF will reopen for applications in summer 2023.

Cultural Organisations Development Fund (CODF)

The Cultural Organisations Development (CODF) can support a range of activities that assists an organisation's development. These could be:

  • Governance- such as board recruitment, company development needs, enhancing skill sets, improving diversity, gender balance, training and awareness.
  • Leadership and management- such as financial management, business planning, developing fundraising strategies to diversify income streams, developing monitoring and evaluation.
  • Reach- developing new areas of organisational activity, deepening art form/specialism knowledge, developing quality, diversifying cultural offer, supporting new artistic partnerships and collaborations.
  • Workforce- creating new staff posts, developing key skills, supporting training and experience.
  • Pathways- developing creative learning programmes and/or skills and pathways projects that recruit internships, apprenticeships and other placements.
  • Engagement- improving social media, communications, marketing and public relations and supporting wider engagement with cultural sectors across Scotland and the UK.

CODF does not support programming or artistic costs for workshops, events or festivals. These requests should be submitted to the Culture, Heritage and Events Fund (CHEF).

The fund accepts applications from established or developing organisations based in Renfrewshire that have a cultural and creative purpose.

CODF will reopen for applications in summer 2023.

Future Paisley

Renfrewshire's cultural funding programmes are part of Future Paisley.

Future Paisley is an exceptional programme of cultural events and activity based around Paisley and Renfrewshire's unique and internationally-significant story which uses targeted investment to deliver positive change.

The programme is putting culture at the heart of Paisley and Renfrewshire's regeneration, and harnessing the power of culture to support people's lives for the better, by integrating its benefits through key public services such as health and social care, education and housing.


Updated 25 May 2023