Renfrewshire Council

Cultural Grants

This section provides information about grant funds for cultural organisations.

Renfrewshire's cultural funding programmes are part of a wider programme of targeted interventions designed to maximise the impact of Future Paisley investment up to March 2024. 

Future Paisley is a far-reaching cultural regeneration programme that harnesses the power of the arts, heritage and culture for social and economic change. It draws on the rich heritage, cultural strengths and creative potential of Paisley and wider Renfrewshire to shape the area's future.

Between 2016-2021, £1.72m has been awarded in grants to Renfrewshire's cultural sector and creative communities through Future Paisley funding programmes.

Closed Funds

Culture, Heritage and Events Fund (CHEF): Since 2016, CHEF has provided £1.14m to support 135 creative projects, which have included: festivals, events, workshops, murals, performances, exhibitions, tours and productions in music, dance, theatre and drama, heritage, literature, film and animation across Renfrewshire. Remaining projects were redeveloped to be delivered in a covid-safe way during 2021-22.

Cultural Organisations Development Fund (CODF): £380,000 was awarded in grants to 7 cultural organisations for activity between 2019 and 2022 to strengthen and build their capacity.

Renfrewshire's Cultural Recovery and Renewal Fund (RCRRF):Renfrewshire's Cultural Recovery and Renewal Fund was developed in 2020 to support the cultural ecology of Renfrewshire in adapting to the impact of Covid-19. The Fund recognises the different elements needed to retain a healthy and sustainable cultural sector in Renfrewshire. £200,000 was awarded through a suite of three grant programmes. (Applications closed)

Future Paisley cultural funding programmes are funded by Renfrewshire Council and managed through a partnership between One Ren and Renfrewshire Council.