Renfrewshire Council

Introduction to the Council Plan

Our vision for Renfrewshire is, 'Working together for a thriving and connected Renfrewshire, creating opportunities for all.'

This Council Plan, was developed in tandem with the Renfrewshire Community Plan, 2017-2027 and describes how Renfrewshire Council will achieve its vision by working more closely with our communities, tackling our challenges, making the most of our opportunities, and delivering high quality services.

The Council Plan was launched in September 2017 to cover the years 2017-2022, and sets our how the Council will work with partners, communities and business to progress 5 key outcomes:

•    Reshaping our place, our economy and our future;
•    Building strong, safe and resilient communities;
•    Tackling inequality, ensuring opportunities for all;
•    Creating a sustainable Renfrewshire for all to enjoy; and
•    Working together to improve outcomes.