Renfrewshire Council

Consultation on changes to council rents for 2021 to 2022

How we fund our housing services, what you told us, what we plan to do, give us your views on changes to council rents.

How we fund our housing services

Our housing services are funded by the rent we receive from our tenants. 

While keeping rent increases as low as possible, we need to make sure we have enough income from rents to cover the costs of:

  • repairs and maintenance
  • improvements to council housing
  • investing in energy efficiency to reduce heating costs, tackle fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions
  • building new council houses
  • running housing services.

From this income, we need to set a budget every year for housing services.

What you told us

Feedback from tenants shows that there is a high level of satisfaction with housing services.  In the most recent survey in 2020, almost 80% of Council tenants said their rent represents good value for money.

Last year rents increased by 2%. When we consulted with our tenants, most agreed with this level of increase and said their priorities for investment were: 

  • building new council housing
  • more investment in existing properties
  • meeting environmental standards.  

What we plan to do

We are continuing to focus on these priorities including:

  • an ongoing programme of internal and external improvement works for existing council homes
  • a major new programme of housing regeneration and renewal
  • an extended newbuild programme for around 700 new Council homes to be built across Renfrewshire over 10 years.

In order to do this, it is considered that a rent increase of around 1.5% is required for 2021 to 2022 to maintain service standards and deliver our housing investment programmes. 

This represents an average rent increase of £1.16 per week.

The annual rent increase is agreed by councillors before the start of the new financial year.

Give us your views

We have commissioned an independent research company (Research Resource) to ask a representative sample of tenants for their views on the proposed rent increase for 2021 to 2022.

If you are a council tenant in Renfrewshire, you can give us your views on the rent increases by completing this online survey.

All responses collected from this survey are anonymous. 

The survey closes on Monday 25 January 2021.