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Last reviewed: 17:00, 7 August 2020

Schools and nurseries advice on Coronavirus

The latest information and advice on our schools and nurseries during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Welcome to our coronavirus schools and nurseries information section. We know the past few months won't have been easy for parents or pupils and we thank all of you for your patience and understanding - as well as our school and nursery staff for their efforts to keep Renfrewshire's education going during lockdown.

The situation surrounding education has been unprecedented and fast-moving - which has been a challenge for us to react to. We appreciate it will have created a lot of questions for parents and pupils. We have created these pages to try to answer as many of them as we can and will keep them updated regularly.

There will be more information to come over the summer as we prepare for schools and nurseries to reopen in August. Please keep an eye on here and our Facebook and Twitter for latest updates. You can also sign up for regular Schools News e-alerts.

Our thanks go to all Renfrewshire's parents and pupils for your patience and understanding and to our staff for your incredible efforts to keep education going over recent weeks. Click on the links in the section below for more information and updates.