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Young carers at an outreach event

Our work with Renfrewshire's young carers

A quick update on our achievements last year, and what we are planning to do this year to support our young carers.

Last year was an incredible year for young carers and here's a few reasons why.

  • More than 170 young carers were offered a young carer statement
  • 20 young people attended the Young Carers Festival and were consulted on many different issues with the Scottish Government. 
  • The young carer grant is now available which enables young carers between the ages of 16 and 18 to a one-off payment to support their interests. 

2019 also saw the continuation of the council working in partnership with Renfrewshire Carers Centre to deliver a programme for young carers across the area. We have enjoyed lots of fun days out.

This year, we are lucky to be working in partnership with PACE theatre company, who will be providing our young carers the opportunity to take advantage of a bespoke service that helps to build confidence, self-worth and self-esteem. It will also allow young carers some much-needed time away from their caring role. We hope to commence this programme round about now, at the end of January.

We also hope to set up our very own newsletter that will be written and compiled by Renfrewshire's young carers, so keep an eye out for this coming in spring 2020!

There's also a young carer walking group that takes place every other Wednesday in the spring and summer months, and then changes to a swimming group in the autumn and winter months.

The girl's wellbeing group also continue to meet. We have lots of fun getting our nails done, going ice-skating, having a make-up session, heading to the cinema and going out for food. It would be great to have more young carers join us if they can.

2020 will also see lots of green-fingered young carers getting to grips with an allotment plot that we have secured at Underwood Road. The plan is for young carers to learn about growing their own plants and maybe some food too! Although the main aim remains giving our young carers time out from their caring role to have some fun.

If you want to know more or how you can get involved in any of these activities to support young carers, please get in touch with me on my work phone - 0141 618 6646.


Cathy Mearns

Young Carer Resource Worker

Published on Friday 7 February 2020.

Pictured: Young carers at an outreach event