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Unpaid Work team at a newly installed mud kitchen

Unpaid Work team showcase benefits of community payback

The team supporting people on Community Payback Orders helped each nursery and primary school in Renfrewshire get a brand-new mud kitchen.

We heard about the idea to provide mud kitchens to each school and nursery and that Gail Scoular, a senior warden, was raising funds in her own time. Our team, the Unpaid Work team, got on board and with people on Community Payback orders, we created the mud kitchens from recycled pallets.

The mud kitchens provide an immersive, multi-sensory experience for children to get their hands dirty by making mud pies and soil smoothies while interacting with their peers.

The clients were really motivated throughout this project and many commented on how it gave them job satisfaction from the beginning right through to delivering the product and seeing the difference it would make to the kids. They felt their time paying back to the community was worthwhile.

To accompany the mud kitchens, the women's community payback group, using rag rug making techniques that were taught to them by the Kilbarchan weavers, produced mats and dish cloths from recycled plastic bags. They also made tabards from recycled t-shirts.

The kitchens aim to encourage little green fingers to flourish by helping children discover the benefits of outdoor play and encourages them to use their imaginations to create culinary inventions.


Karen Keane

Unpaid Work Coordinator

Published on Friday 7 February 2020.

Pictured: Unpaid Work team at a newly installed mud kitchen.