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Headteacher, Depute Headteacher and pupils at Heriot Primary School

Paisley primary gets the thumbs-up

Latest inspection report shows school leadership is top-of-the-class.

Pupils and teachers at Heriot Primary School are celebrating their excellent inspection results.

Education Scotland released the results today (Tuesday 21 January 2020) and it praised the school's leadership, learning and teaching and nurturing approaches.

  • the headteacher's leadership, and the highly-effective pace of change and improved outcomes for children across the school and nursery.
  • professional learning for staff and their engagement in learning, leadership and research opportunities linked to school and nursery improvement.
  • highly-effective partnership working and the positive impact it is having on the wellbeing and confidence of children, staff and parents.
  • nurturing approaches that are resulting in highly-motivated and engaged children who are making good progress in their learning.
  • teachers' creative approaches to numeracy and mathematics leading to children's increased confidence and motivation for learning.


What the pupils have to say

Maths was a highly-favoured subject for pupils.

"My favourite subject is maths. It gets your brain going and the teachers give us a challenge, which is fun."

"Teachers can help us if we get stuck. We are doing graphs and figuring out how many people get pizza."

"We use the blueprint boards, pictures and materials, like cereal and playdough, to learn maths."

Heriot Primary School pupils learning maths

Pupils also said they loved the teachers and the school building itself.

"The best thing about this school is the staff."

"We got new furniture in every classroom, and new keyboards in the computer room, it looks lovely."

Heriot Primary School pupils in class

Extra-curricular activities in the school and in their local community were also a firm favourite.

"We have a lot of clubs in the school. Some happen during lunchtime and some after school."

"There's a GLEE club and we sing in the Paisley Centre and visit older people's homes to sing to them at Christmas."

"We visited the science centre in Glasgow just before Christmas. It was great."

"We got our gold school sports award from SportScotland."


What the teachers have to say

"I'm incredibly proud to be the Head Teacher of Heriot Primary School and our very positive inspection report reflects the dedication and commitment of our staff team.

"Together we continually strive to improve our practice to better support our children and community and improve outcomes for all. We are delighted that our inspection team identified how highly-motivated, engaged and confident our children are due to the nurturing and creative approaches we use at Heriot."

Headteacher, Hilary Paterson

Boy exploring nature at Heriot ELCC

"I am really pleased that the report recognised the highly effective partnership working that goes on within Heriot, and the positive impact this has upon our children, staff and parents' health and wellbeing.

"We have worked hard to create a warm and nurturing ethos in our school, which is strongly supported by our values; family, kindness, respect and honesty. Building supportive relationships and making connections is what makes Heriot a special place to work and learn."

Depute Headteacher, Lucy Scollen

Boys digging at Heriot ELCC

"I love working at Heriot as it has given me the chance to engage in lots of professional learning which has benefited both myself and the children.

"All staff are given opportunities to lead on school improvements and I have thoroughly enjoyed the role I have had in leading maths and family learning activities."

P7 teacher, Shona McNeil


Where can I read the report?

Visit, and search for Heriot Primary School. Two schools will pop up, our school in Paisley and one in the Scottish Borders. Click on the Paisley school to be taken to the latest report.


Published on Tuesday 21 January 2020.

Pictured: Depute Headteacher, Lucy Scollen, and Headteacher, Hilary Paterson, with pupils Mhairi McLintock, P6, Charlie McKee, P5, Mia McElwee, P6, Murray Johnston, P5, Laurie Johnston, P2, Emma McCulloch, P5, and Marcy Cameron, P2.

Nursery kids Ollie, 4, Jack, 4, and Logan, 4

Pupils in a classroom