Renfrewshire Council

Employee Journey

How we get there?

The diagram below provides an overview of the employee journey, for all employees, as we progress the Right for Renfrewshire programme. It highlights the key stages of the journey and describes what employees will experience at each stage of the service design process.

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Engagement with Trade Unions

This began prior to initiation of the Right for Renfrewshire programme and will continue for the duration of the programme and service design.

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Communication and Engagement

At the start of the service design process employees in scope will be briefed by managers on; the context and timelines associated with the service design, the names of the service design project team, details of how they can get involved, and a commitment to be kept well informed throughout.

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Voluntary Redundancy (VR)/ Voluntary Early Retirement (VER)

During the different stages of a service design employees may be invited to apply for VR/VER. Decisions on release will be made jointly by the service and the employee.

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Have Your Say on Service Design

No one knows the council better than you, and employees will be invited to get involved in the service design process by taking part in various engagement activities, to tell us; what we're currently doing, how well we're doing it and if we could do it better.

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Get Involved in Service Design

Within each service design a group of service specialists and change champions will be invited to join the service design team to consider the future demands that will be made on the service, changing customer needs and expectations, along with what the service has to deliver, when it has to deliver it and to what standard.

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Designing the New Service

The team will also design how the future service will deliver its services using modern ways of working, community and individual empowerment; and how processes and systems will interact to deliver high-quality services to our customers.

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Delivering the New Service

Changes to how we deliver our services will be subject to consultation with staff and trades unions and future changes will be agreed by elected members. Posts within the new service designs will be filled by matching, training and redeployment.

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Voluntary Redundancy (VR) / Voluntary Early Retirement (VER)

If you have confirmed an interest in VR/VER you will receive confirmation from your manager of the outcome and next steps. If your interest has been accepted and you choose to take VR/VER you'll receive confirmation of your notice period along with further information and support.