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Foxlea nursery child Brodie

Blog: More nursery hours has positively impacted family life

Lindsay Muir is mum to Brodie, 4, who goes to Foxlea Early Learning and Childcare Centre in Foxbar, Paisley.

Since Brodie started getting 1140 hours of fully-funded early learning and childcare, it has made a significant positive change to our family life. Having had a second child in late 2018, we found our childcare costs would be around £1.5thousand a month and that was just to support both of us to go to work.

Brodie is now at nursery for longer each day and we've found that it has given us greater flexibility in terms of our work commitments, and it has allowed us to find additional childcare for her younger brother.

Two days a week, Brodie now starts nursery at 8am, which means that either me or her dad can drop her off. It's the same with collecting her at 6pm after work. Being able to buy additional hours, known as wraparound, has made it possible for us to do this and it has been particularly significant for us as a family.

We've definitely benefitted financially from having the extra fully-funded hours at nursery, but the benefits have been far reaching. It has supported the balance of family life when both of us are working full-time and we can rest knowing that Brodie is in a safe place where she will grow and learn. I'm happy that this progressive and supportive entitlement is here for working parents.

The nursery is a very nurturing environment and Brodie is thriving and loving nursery life. It most definitely has positively impacted on our family life as a whole and we are very impressed with the care we receive for Brodie.