Renfrewshire Council

26 November update

Since our last update in September a significant amount of work has been completed by colleagues from across the Council, as part of the six service design projects planned for Year 1 of our Right for Renfrewshire programme.

Right for Renfrewshire will deliver:

  • A leaner and more efficient organisation that is right for people and right for communities, where resource is focused on where it can make the biggest impact
  • A clear purpose and understanding about what the council is best placed to deliver
  • A structured approach to designing services around people and local need
  • More adaptable structures with greater staff empowerment, integrated teams and mobile working
  • Communities being empowered to do more for themselves
  • Greater collaboration with partners
  • The right culture that will unlock and develop the skills and potential of our workforce

Year 1 Service Designs

Although each of the six projects will run at a different pace, they will all use the same approach to service design.

We are gathering information and insights from our employees about your roles and the services we currently provide, what we do well and if there are opportunities to do it better. Some of you will have already been involved in these discussions and the information and ideas gathered will be used to help design new ways of working for the services we want to deliver in the future.

Voluntary Redundancy / Voluntary Early Retirement

Once service designs begin to take shape, any proposed changes to posts and structures will emerge and will inform which employees, who have confirmed an interest in VR/VER can leave the council, if they wish to do so. The timeframe for this will be communicated directly from your manager as soon as this information is available, with future changes to services agreed by Elected Members.

If you have already expressed an interest in VR/VER you will have recently received a letter to update you on the timescale for confirming your expected figures. Employees who have yet to submit an expression of interest will have a further opportunity to apply once the service designs and proposed new structures are confirmed.

Workforce Change

It's important that services have the right resource, talent and expertise to implement new designs and there may also be a need for some roles to change. We will carefully manage the impact on our workforce by managing vacancies, reviewing contract arrangements, retraining, voluntary redundancy/voluntary early retirement and, where required, redeployment as part of the normal workforce planning process. We expect that this will take place in a phased way that supports the delivery of changes in each service.

We will continue to work closely with the Trade Unions on any future change.

Keeping you Updated

More information on the Right for Renfrewshire programme will be available in a R Mag Right for Renfrewshire special, due out in December.

In the meantime, thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Programme so far and for your patience during this period. We have a successful track record of delivering change and are confident that through Right for Renfrewshire we'll deliver a council that is right for you, and right for our communities.