Renfrewshire Council

Stevie Gallacher - Street Stuff Manager

Stevie Gallacher - Street Stuff Manager What is your role in Street Stuff?

"Currently, the day to day running of programme such as deployment of activities, recruitment of staff, volunteers and regularly updating the Council of all developments."

What does the programme do?

"Street Stuff deploys activities for young people in communities that is showing high volume of youth engagement/disorder in the hope that it will prevent them from getting involved in negative behaviour.

"As it stands we have Renfrewshire Council, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire & Rescue, Engage Renfrewshire and St Mirren FC. On top of this we work closely with various organisations and education establishments."

How does Street Stuff support its coaches and volunteers?

"We offer training and educational courses to help them with situations they could be faced with when working on the streets, such as First Aid, child protection, sexual exploitation and sport-related courses."

Why is Street Stuff so important to the local community?

"It is important as it offers young people a safe place to go. Their parents are happy as they know that the staff have the best interest of the young people as a priority.

"The opportunity to be involved in sport and other activities helps create friendships and teamwork, but more importantly it gives the young people a chance to blow off some steam from a stressful day either at school or in the home."

Why do you love what you do?

"I love to see the young people have the opportunity to develop and flourish instead of being put down. The way in which the community safety team are prepared to offer a way out into meaningful destinations instead of being negative towards young people is so beneficial for our young people.

"And the fact that the young people over the years have been so welcoming to us in their communities is what makes going to work on a daily basis more enjoyable."

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