Renfrewshire Council

Sarah Beattie - Invest Trainee to Street Stuff Coach

Sarah Beattie - Street Stuff coach Working with Street Stuff

"I've been working with Street Stuff for three years after joining the programme through Invest in Renfrewshire. While I was looking for work I saw a flyer of the programme and I'd always wanted to work with young people. So I applied and went on an eight week training programme which fortunately resulted in a job."

Why did you want to get involved with Street Stuff?

"I saw this as an opportunity as I wanted to work with kids and this was very different to anything I had previously seen. It's a good programme because it helps young people from disadvantaged areas have something to do and keeps them out of trouble and off the streets."

How important is Street Stuff to the young people who attend?

"It helps them because being a coach you are someone they can talk to other than a parent or teacher. I love my job and I enjoy working with the staff and having the same kids return each time to the venue and seeing new kids come is very rewarding."



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