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Nicola Perratt - Street Stuff Modern Apprentice

Nicola Perratt - Street Stuff coach Working with Street Stuff

"I have been working with Street Stuff for just over a year and a half after I got involved with the programme through Invest in Renfrewshire. I started as a Trainee Admin Assistant then I progressed onto a Modern Apprentice and now I am a full-time employed member of Street Stuff."

How did you get involved?

"At first, I didn't know about Street Stuff until I went to the Interview for my traineeship. When I got to know a bit about the programme and the amazing work that Street Stuff do, I knew that I wanted to progress my career within Street Stuff and stay with the programme."

What attracted you to Street Stuff?

"The participants and the staff. The work that the staff do in order to deliver activities to the young people is absolutely outstanding, but without the young people attending these activities the programme wouldn't be as successful as it is today."

How has the programme helped you?

"Street Stuff has helped me with so much throughout my time with them. Before I joined Street Stuff, I had left school and I had no direction. I was getting involved with drama, my life was quite chaotic. Street Stuff has given me ambition and something to focus on. The continued support that I receive personally from Street Stuff day to day is absolutely amazing and without Street Stuff I simply wouldn't be where I am today."

How does Street Stuff help young people?

"In so many different ways. It gives them a place to go and something to do in the evenings by providing free activities across Renfrewshire. It also helps lead young people in to positive pathways by offering volunteering opportunities, traineeships, modern apprenticeships and employment opportunities."

What makes you keep going back?

"The sense of belonging, all of the staff at Street Stuff made me feel welcome when I first started with the programme and they also make me feel valued as a team member of the programme."

Do you have any favourite moments?

"I've had many great moments with Street Stuff. One of my favourite moments recently was being given the opportunity to attend a conference in Edinburgh and share my journey throughout Street Stuff with a large audience of people which was a great experience for me."

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