Renfrewshire Council

Malcolm Gillies - Longest-serving Street Stuff coach

Street Stuff 10 Years logo Why did you get involved with Street Stuff?

"I had moved to Glasgow but I was missing Paisley so I wanted to do something to still make me feel part of the community. I spoke with Stevie and I've now been part of the programme for ten years."

Why is it such a good programme?

"The participants. They always come back and it has become a big part of their childhood.  The programme itself is extremely well run and it's become part of the furniture now which is down to how much the kids have taken it."

What's your favourite aspect of Street Stuff?

"The interaction with the kids. The banter with them. The sense of belonging to something.  It's an honour being part of such an amazing programme and being out and about representing the programme."

How does it help young people?

"In many ways.  The obvious answer is that it gets them in a safe environment as opposed to being out in the streets.  Street Stuff gives them responsibility and there are many examples of kids enjoying the programme, becoming more involved and then becoming members of staff. 

"It's also a place where they can get advice, talk about anything and where they have got an avenue of potentially raising an important aspect of their life.  Its also an environment where they are not judged and can be themselves completely.

What makes you keep going back?

"After my first child I thought I better chuck it but three kids and ten years later, I'm still here. It keeps me feeling young and keeps me on my toes with the latest trends and even the latest insults! It challenges my mind and quite often requires me to think on the spot. Like everyone I have made some wrong decisions in life but joining Street Stuff has been one of my best."

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