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Jaye McConville - Street Stuff Coach

Street Stuff 10 Years logo Working with Street Stuff

"I've been working with Street Stuff for nearly four years now after I got involved during my second year studying sports coaching and fitness at the West of Scotland college in Paisley. One of the other students at the time was working within the programme and introduced me to Stevie Gallacher who runs the programme. After I had an interview with Stephen, I more or less started straight away and haven't looked back since."

Why did you get involved with Street Stuff?

"The main reason I got involved with Street Stuff was that the programme was based all around sport and that's what I was studying whilst working here. The programme has gave me many chances to put what I study into practice, while the job itself is so rewarding.

"Getting to work with kids who need somewhere to go and who get to just be themselves, it really opens your eyes and you realise these kids aren't as bad as what people in their areas may think and having something to do like our programme gives them something to look forward to in the week

"This is the reason why I love this job as much as I do because helping these kids and getting to build relationships within the workplace with them they don't see me as someone who judges them and more as a friend who they can trust to talk to as they know we will try our best to help them at all times."

What makes it such a good programme?

"I would say the reason it is such a good programme is because of the staff and the relationships they build with the young people. All the staff take the time to get to know the children who come and know how they can communicate with certain people compared to others. The children who come know that they can trust the coaches with anything they tell us and know we would do anything we can to help."

What's the best thing about Street Stuff?

"My favourite part of Street Stuff would be getting to work with the young people. Getting to build relationships with these kids is a great thing and I personally work all over the Renfrewshire areas so getting to know these kids is great because even when your not working, the kids will see you out and about they will come over and say hi.

"The other thing I love is when the venues that I am working at are busy because the young people want to come back and participate at your venues in football or the youth bus. Sometime they just want to come along for a chat and just to see you and it just feels like you're doing good for the kids who really need this sort of programme."

How does Street Stuff help young people?

"The biggest benefit is that the programme is free for kids to come along to and I feel this is what helps keep the numbers that attend Street Stuff high as they may not be able to attend otherwise."

How has Street Stuff helped you?

"For me the programme has not only helped me with my studies, but it has let me grow as a person and really opened my eyes to the problems that we can be faced with in our local communities.

"The programme has helped me at University because I am currently doing my placement with Street Stuff during the day before my usual work sessions at night delivering a programme called Go Fitba in Glencoats primary school in Ferguslie. It allows me to put my studies into practice so it's helped me at university a lot.

"It has really made me grow up as you realise that a lot of young people do have problems that they haven't opened up about before and they put their trust in me to help them. Overall, I would say the programme has really made me a more confident individual and I am a lot more mature than what I probably would have been if I wasn't working with Street Stuff."

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