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Jay Gibson - Coach and former participant

Jay Gibson - Street Stuff coach Working with Street Stuff

"I've been working with Street Stuff for over a year now but I have been involved in the programme for more than 6 years.

"I was a participant at one of the venues because I wanted to get involved with Street Stuff as there was nothing to do in the community and going here would give me something to do."

Becoming a coach or volunteer

"The longer I attended, the more I enjoyed it and I was asked if I would like to volunteer. I took the opportunity to complete the Saltire Award and then when I turned 16, I was offered a job working with the programme.

"Other people should become coaches if they can because it can be a life changing opportunity and help you progress with a future career. You can become a coach by attending the sessions as a participant or you can ask for an overview of the programme to see what it's all about before deciding in it is something that you'd be interested in doing."

Why is it such a good programme?

"Street stuff is so good because all the coaches have different backgrounds and all the participants have different potential. This is good for the young people as they can ask for help and they have somewhere to go after school also during the school holidays. It gives them something to do and they can get a hot, healthy meal too, giving their parents less stress and some more money in their pockets."

What makes you keep going back?

"I keep going back to street stuff as there was somewhere to go and I felt safe attending here. It keeps me out of trouble and they have helped me to get in to college for a policing course. Street stuff help you in any way they can."

How has Street Stuff helped you?

"I feel like Street Stuff has had a massive impact on my life as I used to hang around the street before I attended and now I've become a paid coach after my volunteering. It's been great to see the programme progress throughout the years I've been involved and I'm excited to be involved in the 10 years celebrations."

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